September 14, 2017

Personal Post: My Fashion Week Story

I was inspired by Aimee Song (fashion and interior design blogger & Youtuber behind Song of Style) recent Fashion Week videos on YouTube to write this post. On her videos she shared really great tips on how to get invited to fashion week; how to get your start into the fashion industry, and her personal experiences after having attended so many years of fashion shows in New York, Milan, London and Paris. I actually do get similar questions about fashion week from friends and family who have seen my social media, and from a few of you as well- how do you get invited to the show? how do you get to go backstage? how can I do that?

1- Building great relationships.

I really didn't explain myself before on how I got started covering NYFW. Long story short, I started by helping a friend out. A fellow blogger to cover some of the shows she's doing that season. After learning and getting so many great tips from her, I tried it next season by contacting the brands (I've been working with on the blog and I've met backstage) myself, and that's how I started covering backstage for Morgan Taylor and Inglot during NYFW. I do still continue to help my friends cover backstage and runway for them since I sometimes don't hear back from any of the PRs I contacted.

I've been very lucky enough to have attended and covered backstage the past 7 seasons of New York Fashion Week. I wouldn't have gotten my foot into that fashion tent without the help of the friends I've met through blogging. These fellow bloggers have actually been covering fashion week for years before I started and they're the ones who have taught me the tricks of the trade backstage; who and how to introduce myself to; how to interview the leading hair & makeup artists, and how to get the beauty shots from the models. It's also great to have a great relationship with the brands you've been working with, that way they do remember you next time there's an event or show coming up or a new product they want influencers to try out.

2 - Always wear comfortable clothes.

Since I don't just attend shows, I plan outfits that I'll be comfortable in all day. Unlike fashion attendees who are in their stiletto heels because they were driven to the shows, and all they carry is a small purse because they don't have to do any backstage interviews or pictures like I do. I don't have the luxury of having a driver to take me from one location to the other, so comfortable shoes is a must for me since I have a long walk to the subway, up and down the stairs to get to a show.

This is another reason why I really don't have NYFW outfits to share with you. Though I do still try to dress up, my insecurities starts to kick-in when I get there. Like this past week, I was all bloated and cranky I just wasn't feeling the outfits I wore. This is the first time I got to curl my hair before I leave, and have decent makeup on but I was just not liking the pictures of myself. I just couldn't stop comparing myself to the other people around me.

It's really hard not to compare yourself to others since this is the event of the year where all the beautiful and stylish people gather in one roof. 

3 - Being a fashion attendee.

I think this comparing-yourself-to-others problem is worse as an attendee though. I've been lucky enough to attend a few different shows, and I have watched other attendees give others a head-to-toe look with a smirk or a quick whisper-in-the-ear to their friend seating next to them. I do expect a lot of head-turning outfits during this time and I always admire how confident they are in their head-to-toe looks, because I know I can't pull it off. 
I love all the different outfits and styles I see from attendees and designers but sadly there are some bad apples in the crowd who doesn't know how to appreciate other people's fashion style.

Fashion is for everyone and you make up your own rules. You will find mean girls kind of groups during fashion week but we're not in high school anymore so who cares if they have their own circle right?! A lot of times though, a lot of attendees compliment each others style - how she likes her shoes and how the other girl likes her earrings back, and a whole conversation of where they shop starts.

New York Fashion Week brings out this adrenaline rush in me that by the end of the season I'm not sure if it's exhaustion I feel or sadness that another season has ended - probably both. I do regret being in such a foul mood this season but I'm going to blame that to my mood swings and monthly bloat-ness and cramps. I do hope you enjoyed my Insta-Story snaps during NYFW, and thank you for reading this chatty post. My brain is still out of it so beauty blogging will resume next week!

Let me know if you have any other fashion week questions or if you have your own fashion week stories, share away in the comments below!

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