September 1, 2017

Day Glam Glow with Suzanne Somers Cosmetics

After being diagnosed with cancer years ago, Suzanne Somers (famous for her "Thigh Master" infomercials) immediately decided to cut toxin from her life. She was shocked to discover how many chemicals were used in the name of beauty. To give herself and others a healthier alternative, she launched 

SUZANNE Organics line has a collection of skincare, body care, haircare and cosmetic products. All her beauty products are all made of natural botanical extracts, enzymes, skin nurturing anti-oxidants, organic fruits and vegetables. "From nourishing skin-care to flawless make-up, these products were designed to help you glow."

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I would love to try every beauty product from her skincare to body care to haircare in her line but I mainly focused on the cosmetic products here since that's what caught my attention (makeup addict much? YES!). The range of colors in her makeup collection focuses more for everyday wear that all ages can wear.

Starting off by applying the Sheer Flawless Foundation|$44.99 in Honey Medium which is my perfect Summer shade. This foundation only comes in four shades and is missing deeper skin tone shades, which hopefully gets added later. This does have a light coverage to it and needs to be set with a powder afterwards, with their Sheer Pressed Powder|$44.99 . Next, I applied the Perfect Finish Concealer|$34.95 in Light/Medium under my eyes . Formulated with shea butter and jojoba with soothing lavender and vitamin E.

I set my under eye concealer with the highlighting powder from the Contour Kit|$59.99. The kit has three matte finished powders for bronzing, contouring and highlighting. The CONTOUR shade has a cool grey undertone to it, which doesn't look muddy when applied. The BRONZING powder has a warmer tone to it. This comes with a decent size mirror as well and it's travel-friendly.

For the eyes I used their Creamy Eyeshadow|$29.99 in Pink Quartz as an eyeshadow primer for the other eyeshadows I wanted to use. This creamy eyeshadow by itself is great and did not crease on me at all! But for more colors on the eyes, I used the Golden Shimmer Eyeshadow palette|$49.99. This comes with shimmery shadows: Stone and Sparkling Champagne are the top shadows on the picture, and Topaz Shimmer and Spun Gold are the two bottom shadows. These all blended well, and the shimmer adds a beautiful dimension to the eye look.

I finished off the eyes with my favorite liquid liner and then used the Lengthening Mascara|$24.99 which is the only mascara in the collection. This gave my lashes more volume after 2-3 coats but not a lot of length as I'd like. This isn't waterproof so be careful not to touch your eyes too much or you'll end up with mascara everywhere else but your lashes.

For some color on the cheeks I wanted to try their Multiple Stick-Sunrise Color|$39.99 which has this peachy pink with gold shimmer to it but it applied more sheer than I expected. Maybe in lighter skin tone the color will show better, so I'll try using this again when I get lighter in the Fall/Winter months.

For the lips, I used a nude pencil liner first all over my lips before applying the Sheer Satin Lipstick|$34.99 in Antique Rose (warm mauve shade). This is formulated with Shea, Cocoa and Avocado Butter for it's moisturizing properties. It gets it's sheer color from nature's berries and minerals. I love the lip pencil and this lipstick combination for everyday wear. I like that it feels more like a lip balm when I apply this on. It never dried my lips out and though it's not long wearing I don't mind re-applying this throughout the day.
This collection has hits and misses for me but it's so amazing that all the ingredients in her beauty products are more beneficial for your skin!

All SUZANNE Organics Cosmetics products are CERTIFIED TOXIC FREE!
 No PEGs • No Parabens • No Lead Chemicals • No Petroleum Phylates • Gluten-Free • Cruelty-Free • Made in USA
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*This post is in partnership with PRIMP Network. Products have been provided by Suzanne Somers. All opinions are my own. 

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