June 2, 2017

More Confessions of a Beauty Blogger (part II)

Thanks so much for your feedback and for sharing your own confessions with my last Confessions post. Just click the link above to read the first part of this series. I liked that it opened up a conversation with my fellow bloggers hence here we are with part 2 since I have 
More Confessions 
to share with you!

6 - I hate taking selfies.
Yes - Says the girl who took tons of selfies for this post.
You would think after a while as a beauty blogger I would have mastered already the right angles and lighting, and yet I still end up taking more-than-I-can count selfies on my phone and camera!
Selfies takes a lot of time, especially when it's for a certain blog post or I'm trying to show a makeup look. But once I do post one (or a few) , I am #SorryNotSorry for posting it since I love how it came out; how my hair and makeup look, and how part of my personality reflects on the photo(s), hence four of my selfies out of many made it to the blog today!
7- My makeup and work station aren't always organize and clean.
Unlike my Instagram flat lay pictures. My work and makeup desks are a mess!
Products I'm trying out and still need to review are on my desk, and the same thing with makeup products. I know once I put them away I will forget to use them, so they stay out until I've posted my review on it.

I try to clear up as much as I can, so Winston can walk around and curl up in front of me. This guy will knock everything off the table if I don't give him enough space to do this. . .
If he's not sitting on my lap, he's on my desk staring at me.

8- I don't attend every event I get invited to.

I don't get a lot of invites but when I do, I look at a few factors before I do RSVP.
I look into the brand or company hosting the event and see if I'm interested enough with their products to attend.
Does the date and time of the event conflict with my home schedule? I know I won't make it to super early or late night ones so I skip those, even though I like the brand.
 I try not to attend any weekend events (*excluding NYFW and The Makeup Show) as well since that's time with family and to do some more errands.

9- I don't accept every product or campaign offered.
When I do get emails from brands I've never heard of, I look into their website and products before going ahead with the collaboration. Or when it's a product or a campaign that doesn't really interest me, I respectfully decline their offer.

10 - My blog posts could take days or a few hours to write.
When I'm not distracted with my never ending to-do list in my head or all the products laying around my desk, a post can take a few hours to write including all the edits and photos.

There are products as well that takes me time to review since I don't use it every single day.
I always write an in-depth review of products I post here on the blog and since I don't wear makeup every day, it takes more than a week or so for some to get reviewed.

There are times that my creative brain is on a roll and I could write two blog posts within a week. The same goes with my Instagram posts. My Instagram has a certain layout and pictures are well edited for it and there are some days I could share more than one picture since my creative juices were flowing with ideas.

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*If you want a post on how I edit my Instagram pictures let me know in the comments below!*
Instagram is a whole different process for me and I really love how it looks right now.

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