June 13, 2017

Go Classic With a GRAYTON Watch

A classic accessory never goes out of style nor out of trend. It goes well with every outfit in your closet and any arm candy you pair it with. It can be dressed down for a rooftop brunch or dressed to the nines. CLASSIC is what I think of when I see a pair of

About the brand
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Grayton watches follow a long history of automatic watch-making and as such, they are sophisticated timepieces. Traditional craftsmanship, authentically, and family are at the core of Grayton's values. It is part of a long history of traditional mechanical watchmaking. 
"Making watches is an art and respecting the history and traditions of the industry is very important to us."

The UNISEX Automatic Watch with White Silver Dial & Black Croc Embossed Leather Strap ($245.00)  comes with a rose gold hardware. It is water resistant up to 300ft. It has a Japanese Automatic mechanic or self-winding mechanism. 
The movement of your arms will keep the watch working, no need for batteries!
The watch gathers and stores energy through the movements so it is therefore able to keep running if you take it off at night. 

Just a simple movement of the watch or winding of the crown (to reset the time and date) and the process starts all over again. Once the watch is in motion, it has an autonomy of 41 hours, during which it keeps going, even if you are not moving or not wearing the watch for many hours.

My Thoughts 
I really like that they have a Unisex collection besides their Men's and Women's collection.
Here I went with a Unisex watch which has a bigger case diameter compared to their women's watches. I love the oversize look of it on my small wrist but with it's black croc embossed leather strap, it still has that sophisticated, classic look. I have worn this watch with a casual outfit of jeans + tee or with a dress like pictured above.

How would you style yours?
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