April 12, 2017

Charlotte's Magic Cream

When celebrity make-up artist, Charlotte Tilbury launched her brand, I was obsessed with her rose gold, art deco packaging. Once I purchased a few of her makeup, I just fell in-love with this brand. The pigmentation on her eye shadows and blushes are just great, and her lipsticks goes on creamy and doesn't dry out on me. The only thing I haven't tried are her skincare products.

I've always had my eye on this one product since it's the most talked about one when she launched, and one she swears by she uses with all of her clients. And so who wouldn't be sold after knowing that? Now that I finally have my hands on this, time to test out
Charlotte's Magic Cream

Charlotte's Magic Cream, 50ml
 net-a-porter.com | charlottetilbury.com | bloomingdales.com

This is Charlotte Tilbury's secret weapon for over 20 years that she has originally used backstage at countless runway shows. It claims to instantly rehydrate dull, stressed and even hungover complexions.
This moisturizer contains this new ingredient - Bio-Nymph Peptide Complex that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and increases elasticity of the skin. It also has SPF15, Vitamin E, Rose Hip and Camelia Oils to leave your skin that dewy glow.
And since she launched, her skincare line has just been growing, and growing. She recently launched Instant Facial Magic Dry Sheet Mask, Night Cream, Magic Eye Rescue and many others. 

My Thoughts
If you've been reading my blog, you know that I have been using a retinoid cream called Tazorac cream, 0.05% and ˚Spironolactone tablets for years now. Both are prescribed by my dermatologist to control my adult acne problems. These medications have really helped a lot with my break outs, but I do need to be careful of what products I do put on my face. Though I may seem to review a lot of skincare products here, I always aim to test products that hydrates my skin a lot since my medications dries out my skin. 

On that note, Charlotte's Magic Cream did not work for me. I only used this for a weekend, and that's all it took to get a bad reaction from this cream. Though this is being sold as a very hydrating product, my skin did not react well. It's such a thick cream, like the Nivea Cremethat I can actually feel it sit on my skin. It feels nice and silky to the touch but all the oils in this cream was just too much. My medications had to work "double time" to get rid of all the oils clogging up my pores. I didn't break out but my skin was red and itchy and dry. It took a week for my skin to recover, and for me to apply makeup again. 

I'm totally disappointed but there are more other skincare products out there that I'd like to try and would love to see if it will have a permanent spot in my skincare routine. If you think your skin works well with moisturizers that have oils in them, try to get a sample of this before purchasing it. It's an expensive jar, so try to get a sample first. 

We all have different skin situations, and so what may not work for me, may work well with you. Don't just rely on one product review, I insist to read tons of reviews on this product, on any product actually you're deciding to purchase. 

Have you tried any skincare products you got a bad reaction to? 

˚Spironolactone is actually a diuretic and has been traditionally used to treat high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and other diseases that cause the body to retain fluid. But, its anti-androgen effects can counter the hormones that promote the development of acneGoogle.com - Jan. 5, 2015

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