March 15, 2017

BeautyPress: Winter 2017

Last week, I attended a Beauty Press event and was introduced to a few different brands and products that recently launched. Most of the brands that I meet from these Beauty Press events are brands that are trying to get retailers still, and so most are only available to purchase online, on their websites.
I try my best to share my events through Snapchat and Insta-Story but it's honestly hard when you're speaking to the representatives of the brands. It's such an intimate setting that you sometimes may even be speaking with the owner of the company, and so I can only share a bit of it. To further share you the beauty products that I was introduced to, please keep reading!

You have probably heard of CAILYN Cosmetics. A cruelty-free beauty brand known for their very innovative makeup products such as the Cocoon Lip Stain, Dizzolv'it Makeup Melt Cleansing Balm and their O! Wow Brush - which has an Allure Best in Beauty Award in 2016. 

Now they're venturing out to skincare products and recently launched
What makes this different from your other serums out there? It has the Nobel prize winning ingredient Fullerene, that shields and stabilizes pure vitamin c. It is a hundred times effective as Vitamin C. It's stable against light and heat, and has longer lasting effects.
Great for sensitive skin. It'll soothe and improve the look of skin. 
Makeup friendly. Enhances the skin texture, tightens pores and brightens skin tone for effortless and flawless makeup application. It's the ultimate Anti-Aging product. Dramatically dimishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as pores revealing firmer looking complexion.
FREE of paraben, benzophenol, artificial color and silicone oil.

Double Dare Spa has launched OMG! face masks and accessories.
Conceptualized from the belief that any beauty routine, makeup musts, or skincare needs can be super easy, deeply intense, fabulously fast, and amazingly routine-simplifying, the idea for Double Dare was born.
The OMG! 2in1 Detox Bubbling microfiber mask is a deep cleansing skin care system that detoxes the skin first with the bubbling mask to stimulate and cleanse the skin by removing all traces of oil, sebum, and dead skin. Finishing with the Microfiber mask. There's also the OMG! 3in1 Peel Off Kit, that's infused with 24k gold, that'll instantly boost your skin's firmness while reducing the appearance of fine lines. The OMG! 4in1 Zone System Mask is a multifunctional mask that targets all areas of the face. There's also a mask for your hair called the OMG! 3in1 Hair Repair Kit, that'll repair the hair cuticles and strengthen your hair.
The mask kits ranges from $6.00- $7.00 per kit. If you want to buy the OMG! Premium Package Kit which is pictured above, this is on sale now for $43.20 instead of it's original price of $48.00!!! This premium package comes with the cute OMG! Mega Hair band and OMG! Standing Mask brush as well.

When three sisters from Ghana weren't able to find a moisturizer that came remotely close to the raw shea butter they grew up using, they set out to create a shea butter product line themselves.
One of the sisters is a dermatologist, which helped achieved their goal of making a simple yet concentrated cream for all skin types.
After four years and sourcing natural botanicals Karité Shea Butter was born and they're very thrilled to introduce Créme Mains hand cream. It features raw, unrefined shea butter and palm oil sourced from Ghana. It soothes and repairs even the most sensitive skin. This hand cream is sustainably sourced and supports the livelihood of rural African women and their children. It's free of paraben and petrochemicals, and not tested on animals.

Indigena Skincare is a Canadian based skincare brand. They uses indigenous ingredients from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada's eastern most province, and one of the world's last most remote and clean eco systems.
Indigena's Research and Development team and collaborators have identified antioxidant rich plants whose compounds work effectively on age prevention, acne and sensitive skin problems. Solutions from nature scientifically formulated to capture nature's essences to solve your most stubborn skin problems.
Their Blueberry Bliss Sugar scrub, is one of my favorite sugar scrubs. This smells like real blueberries! The scrub even has some bits of blueberries in it. It's made of 100% edible ingredients! No artificial colors or perfumes.

I can't give you any reviews on most of these products yet as I'm very careful not to use every new skincare products I get all at once or else I'll break out. Keep an eye out on my social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram) I may just give them a shout out there. 

*Products and some images used on this post were sent to FiveTwo Beauty. All opinions stated on this post are 100% mine. Please see the Disclosure Policy tab for full information.

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