May 22, 2016

personal post: Traveling Solo

I'm not sure how it started but hubby suggested I go to London without him. Financially, it would be cheaper since we don't have to board the (3)fur babies. He'll work from home (he actually ended up taking those days off) so he can take care of the babies. At first I was like. "Sure!", and then,
 "Are you serious? Is this a serious talk because I would really love to go back!", and then, 
"Wait I'm going alone? Flying alone? Staying in a different country alone?". 
He started looking at tickets and it started kicking in,
I am taking a trip alone!

Once the tickets were booked, I was super excited. We started looking at hotels, and car services for my airport-to-hotel and hotel-to-airport pickup transportations. I started making my list, mapping out my itinerary for the 4 days I will be there. I was planning what outfits to wear and what beauty products to pack. 

I was also having thoughts on how others will perceive my solo trip.
We told a few friends this plan and after telling them I am going by myself, one said how she would come with me if I want company. Another asked if I am meeting friends there, I told them,
 "No, I don't know anybody. I'm pretty much by myself the whole time I'm there." Then there was silence. I couldn't help but think what they were all thinking.
Do they feel sad for me for going by myself? Do they feel sad for me because I don't know anybody in the UK at all? Is it weird I'm going to this awesome city by myself? Am I being selfish for not extending any invitations for anyone to come with me? 

I was feeling bad; feeling selfish before the trip because I really did not want anybody to come with me. I had specific plans for this trip, I had plans to check out some stores and places on my list, and I am not sure how that would work out if I am there with somebody. They might want to do something else and see other places while we're there. Plans may change the last minute because my plan isn't what they expected. 

I was overthinking situations that may happen and it was stressing me out instead of being excited for this trip! I was making Mike (hubby) crazy about this too. 

He reminded me that this trip he suggested I take is all for me; that I should do what I want to do, and if I think bringing someone with me will change my plans, there's nothing wrong going by myself. 

*Taken by me! with Sony A6000*

I tried to share most of this trip on my Snapchat: fivetwobeauty, because I wanted to share London with you. I didn't mention though that I was there by myself, maybe some noticed I was by myself the whole time but this was not something I wanted to announce because I don't want you to feel sorry for me. I'm not!

I don't regret going alone. I had a great relaxing time while I was there. 
 I started thinking and reminding myself how fortunate I am to be able to go on this trip, to be staying at the beautiful Corinthia Hotel London; and how lucky I am for having a great husband for giving me this "Me-time" trip while he worked on the house and take care of the fur babies. 

I even dined alone, which was a first for me, at the GoodShipBenefit Lashitude Restaurant. I was hesitant at first but Mike reminded me, this is a once in a lifetime thing - to dine at the Benefit Cosmetics ship since that ship can only be found in London! Once I sat down at my table, I stopped caring if people see me dining alone. I was enjoying my prosecco and the view of the London Eye. 

 It was hard not to think what others would think BUT I tried to keep that in the back of my head and focus on the experience; on the adventure; on the once-in-a-lifetime moments happening to ME! 
Experiencing London with friends and family can be done another time. I surely want to go back! I still have tons of exploring to do and food to try out!

Traveling solo is an experience by itself! I think it's a very liberating experience as you have to decide on everything on your own, no friend nor husband nor sister nor Mom to help you out. You get to do what you want to do since you don't have to compromise with anyone! I surely don't mind doing it again, it also forces me to talk to strangers  to ask for help from the locals, and probably get a conversation going.

To see more pictures from this trip, I have uploaded the pictures on my Facebook Page

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