February 24, 2016

No Gym No Problem!

I honestly don't like going to gyms, for one that membership fee they charge you is ridiculous and I prefer spending that money on something else. Yes, there are more affordable gyms out there but that is still money that can go to my dog's food and meds. Since I do blog from home and spend most of my time at home, I have learned to incorporate at-home workouts to my time, and I have added these
TKO 4-Way Resistance Bands
to my workout schedule

About the company
TKO launched into the fitness scene in 1996. Founded by Gary Kurtz, TKO was first a boxing equipment company, but has evolved  into a health and fitness equipment, accessory and apparel lifestyle-brand. TKO is commited to building a brand comprised of high quality, innovative products that are accessible priced and support wellness and healthy living.

Every product not only looks inviting and contemporary, but is designed to endure the busy lifestyle of its savvy consumers.

About the product

Tighten abs and sculpt arms and back.
Resistance Bands build core muscles while enhancing strength and flexibility.
It's a smart addition to a complete upper and lower body workout.
Easy to use, and also super portable. Perfect for on-the-go.
Its adjustable tension varied resistance helps customize a daily workout.

My Thoughts
I have been using these resistance bands while following some workout videos on YouTube since I did not know how to use them at all. Below is one of my favorite videos I follow. 

I really like using these resistance bands! I definitely needed some toning and strengthening exercises added to my workout. 
My body is nothing compared to her body at all since I  haven't been really sticking to my workout routine. I have slacked off a bit because of Fashion Week and getting sick lately. I have been keeping mine in a pouch so I can easily throw this into my luggage if I do travel in the future. The adjustable tension is great since I don't need to use a different resistance band if I ever get stronger or need more challenge.

*I have received this product for testing purposes. Products and some information used on this post were provided by LiptonPublicity. All opinions stated on this post are 100% mine. Please see the Disclosure Policy tab for full information.

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