July 1, 2015

TwinMedix Skincare Products

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Now onto today's product review on a skincare brand that I found during The Makeup Show NYC back in May, called
 I have been using these products since I got it and I do have thoughts for each so be prepared for a long post. You know how I love to share my personal experiences with my product reviews, it may or may not happen to you as we all don't have the same skin situation, so do just keep that in mind.

About TwinMedix
TwinMedix was founded by the President of Embryolisse Laboratories, Michelle Shaffer. TwinMedix is made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, paraben-free, cruelty-free and fragrance-free. It has a Patented Microsponge Technology, which allows for a slow release of pharmaceutical-grade vitamin formulas to create visibly effective anti-aging skincare. 

About the products

This foam cleanser transports Oxygen to the skin, transforming from dull and toxic skin to radiant, pure and clean. Clinically proven peptides help smooth and purify congested skin while strengthening the skin barrier. 
This product can be used every morning and evening as your face wash. This is really gentle to use everyday. It's non-drying and leaves the skin soft and glowing!
After I take off my makeup with a makeup remover, without wetting the face I apply two pumps of this cleanser to the face and do circular motions until it foams up. You see and feel the foam fizzle like the bubbles in a champagne glass. It leaves the skin clear from foam afterwards, and that's when I wash off the cleanser.

Watch the Oxygen face wash in action!

This gel is expertly formulated with hydrating Urea, Glycerin and Aloe Vera, so that your skin is not only renewed, but moisturized too.
This product removes the top layer of dead skin with the use of Dead Sea Salt. This is also formulated with plant extracts to deliver necessary nutrients to the skin to moisturize very dry skin. This will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and will leave the skin looking radiant.

At night after using the Oxygen Skin Transformer, on dry skin apply 1-2 pumps of this gel. Using circular motion within 20-30 seconds you will accumulate the exfoliated dead skin as it beads up. Just wipe this away with a damp wash cloth then wash face as usual.
My skin does not feel dry after using this exfoliating product. Do make sure all the accumulated beaded dead skin cells is wiped away with the damp wash cloth since it is harder to just wash it off. This is surely NOT your typical sugar-scrub exfoliator but I do like that you see the results of the dead skin balling up as you massage the gel on your skin!

Pro Essentials C10
with Pure Vitamin C & Antioxidants, 10% Ascorbic Acid
This is to brighten your skin. It will reduce the appearance of discoloration and hyper pigmentation from sun damage, inflammation and aging.

This is used every morning after washing your face and before you apply your AM-moisturizer and sunscreen. If you are using a prescription retinol like I do, adding Vitamin C to your routine will really dry out your skin. I am really not sure why but that's how my skin reacted when I used these products with my Tazorac. I had to stop using my Tazorac while I was trying out the TwinMedix products for this blog review. My skin do looked really glowing and I did notice improvements with the discoloration I have on my cheeks. 

This product will improve and diminish the appearance of skin aging by softening the look of deep wrinkles, and increasing cell turnover to create smother, rejuvenated skin.
Retinol is an anti-aging ingredient that combats the appearance of wrinkles, large pores, dull skin and photo damage. It also amplifies collagen for a firmer, more elastic appearance. 
  Used at night after washing my face with Pro: Essentials O2 and exfoliating with Pro: Essentials X. I use 1-2 pumps all over the face and neck and follow this with my PM-moisturizer. This has that silicone texture (like the Smashbox face primer), and goes on smoothly. No need to wait a minute or two for this to dry and sink into the skin, I can easily apply moisturizer right after.

I do still see my large pores, and I have been using this for almost 3 months now. Retinol has always been part of my skincare routine and I do use this with my prescripted retinol cream, Tazorac (while giving the Pro Essentials C10 a break so my skin don't dry up), and it helps a lot to keep my break outs to almost none! I also like how this makes my skin feel really smooth and soft.

Overall, I love TwinMedix! I have seen great improvement on my skin using these products. I also just wanted to add, with the use of Vitamin C and Retinol, skin gets very sensitive under the sun so always have that hat, shades and sunscreen in hand. I do love how my skin looks really glowing after using these products! I love the very modern packaging and how it's color-coded in a way so it's easy to know which one to grab first and then next. I just followed the instructions that is on the box packaging which are easy to follow and understand. 

I should be checking in with my dermatologist when I do test out new skincare products out there like this one, so I wouldn't have to go through a dry-skin spell when I used Pro Essentials C10 with my Tazorac. Lesson learned!
Definitely always check with your doctor/ dermatologist if you are using prescribed topical creams or anything in regards to your skin and health.

It is always a trial and error out there that's why we have such tons of choices to choose from when it comes to skincare and makeup products. It really helps to know what your skin will react to or not as not all products are made the same!

*Samples were provided by the company. Opinions stated on this post are 100% my own, please see the Disclosure Policy tab for more blog disclosure information.

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