July 31, 2015

BDB Mad About Brows + Brow Buddy Kit Review

How's your brow-game? Need some help shaping and filling them in? Check out this
new product from one of my favorite beauty brands, Billion Dollar Brows,
Mad About Brows
plus a review on their Brow Buddy Kit as well!

I was first introduced to this new product back at The Makeup Show NYC in May. I have been a big fan of their Brow BoostUniversal Eyebrow Pencil and Brow Brush. They only focus on making great quality brow products, so believe me when I say, this should be your go-to brow brand!

About the company

Founders, Natalie and Bob Plain have noticed that the most neglected part of our face, are our eyebrows, one of the most important feature of our face! Billion Dollar Brows was created to solely focus on making high quality brow products at reasonable prices. 
Their very first product, Brow Boost, was designed when they only had their living room in Los Angeles as their office. They wanted to create a product that will help with all the over-tweezed eyebrows. The product was a success and garnered press attention such as Redbook magazine and Rachel Ray.

About the product

Mad About Brows 

*Once it is available on the website, I will update the link
Our pro palette is packed with four shades of our famous Brow Powder to give your brows a brilliant pop of color. The Sculpting Wax keeps your brows in place and perfectly on point. The Mini Brow Brush blends everything together to achieve true brow nirvana.

Comes in this nice sleek packaging with magnetic closure and mirror on the other side.

To use, with the angled end of the Brow Brush apply the Sculpting Wax and select your desired Brow Powder. Pick your shade or mix them up! Brush and blend the Brow Powder and Sculpting Wax with the spooley end.

This kit will be available soon on the Billion Dollar Brows website !!! 
While you're waiting, do check out their other products on the site. I do highly recommend the products I mentioned earlier!

I only use the Taupe/ Raven Brow Powder and the Sculpting Wax pans to create my "Everyday Brows" - brows that are shaped and filled. If I do want some dramatic brows, I would just use the Raven Brow Powder to make them stand out more.
I love the mini Brow Brush! The angled brush is stiff enough to pick up enough of the product and do small strokes without irritating to the skin.

Facial symmetry is the key to beauty. Our patented Brow Buddy Tool simply shows you how to shape your brows. It is a MUST-HAVE for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. Unlike eyebrow stencils, this handy tool takes into account YOUR facial shape, giving you perfectly symmetrical, beautifully shaped brows in minutes.  The Brow Buddy is truly the ultimate brow shaping tool. Say goodbye to thin, crooked, brows...FOREVER!

The kit comes with the Brow Buddy and a Brow pencil in white to use as your marker. 

It also comes with this very helpful step-by-step instruction pamphlet.

I like using this once in a while to find my Arch before I over tweeze my brows or when I do bold, dramatic brows. I have never used a Brow Stencil before so I have no way to differentiate the products. Comparing this to just using a pencil or any stick to mark your points, I honestly don't find any difference. It's a nice tool to have in your makeup collection, especially for professional makeup artists to use with clients to make their brows on fleek!

The photo below is a Before-and-After using the Mad About Brows + Brow Buddy Kit.
It's in black and white so you don't get distracted with my No-Makeup face and see how nice and subtle the Mad About Brows filled in my brows, and see the markers when I used the tool. 

Just remember your brows are like sisters not twins so don't try to make them look the same. Our faces may not be as perfectly symmetrical as Denzel Washington's but we sure can get them properly shaped and filled with the Billion Dollar Brow products!  

What are your favorite Brow products? Have you tried anything from Billion Dollar Brows? 

*BDB Mad About Brows product was given to me to review, all other products mentioned in this post were purchased by me. All opinions stated on this post are 100% mine. Please see the Disclosure Policy tab for full information.

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