November 20, 2013

Review on Michael Todd's Acne Sensitive Regimen

Now there's a serious organic approach to clearer skin quickly for those with sensitive skin suffering with acne. Used as directed, results in 30 days - guaranteed or your money back. 
Individuals with sensitive skin almost always have one thing in common: inflammationThe Acne Sensitive Regimen is a proprietary combination of non-irritating blemish healing ingredients and “nature’s first aid kit” organic aloe vera. Unclogs pores, kills acne causing bacteria, calms inflammation and keeps the skin hydrated without irritating sensitive skin. Contains NO added water,alcohol, mineral oil or harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide.
This regimen is designed especially for individuals with sensitive skin suffering with acne. 3-4 months supply. 

So I mentioned on one of my Clarisonic Mia2 posts that I started the Michael Todd's Acne Sensitive Regimen when I started using the Clarisonic about a month and a half ago. On this post, I just want to share with you a more in-depth review of what I think of this kit as it needs more attention that just mentions on my Clarisonic Mia2 diary! 

This kit can be purchased here:

*tip: Also try to look for discount codes online, besides the discount on the website as I remember purchasing this lower than it costs now. They will always have discounts so don't feel like you need to rush and purchase it now. 

The kit includes the following products:

 CHARCOAL DETOX deep-pore gel cleanser penetrates pores to draw out impurities - 210 ml / 7 fl oz
 BLUE GREEN ALGAE anti bacterial toner is rich in vital nutrients, trace elements and amino acids - 250 ml / 8.4 fl oz
 KAOLIN CLAY  detoxifying facial mask cooling and detoxifying treatment  - 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz
 JOJOBA CHARCOAL SCRUB gentle exfoliating facial scrub Unique facial scrub formulated with Jojoba Wax Beads and Activated Charcoal to effectively remove dead skin, impurities and toxins. 100 ml / 3.4 oz
 ANTIOXIDANT CARROT multivitamin serum (new and improved formula) -  A powerful anti-oxidant facial serum which is designed to balance all skin types and help it regenerate in a healthful fashion. 30 ml / 1 fl oz

My Skincare Routine using this kit:

  • I use the Charcoal Detox to wash my face in the morning and evening. This actually takes off all my makeup! On nights I forget to use my aloe vera to remove my makeup, this basically removes all my face and eye make-up! I just do half-a-pump of this and it is enough to clean my whole face.
  • From the picture below, it may be weird to put on black colored face wash to clean off your face but this washes off with all the makeup and dirt

  • Next after patting my face dry, I grab for the Blue Green Algae anti-bacterial toner. This has no color to it but it has a strong scent of....well it reminds me of cilantro?! Scent goes away pretty fast. I am used to it by now so it's not really bothering me as much when I was using it the first week.
  • This did not have that stinging feeling like other toners out there. And if there's any makeup residue left on my face, this will clean it off. 
  • This did not give my skin a dry, tight feeling on my face when I don't grab for the serum right after. 
  • Unfortunately this bottle doesn't come with a pump or a nicer opening so you just need to watch how much you put on your cotton pad. 

  • Next I grab for the Antioxidant Carrot multivitamin serum.  I only use one pump of this on my entire face. After a minute I go apply my moisturizer/ sunscreen then make-up. 
  • With the Clarisonic, this sinks into my skin pretty fast! 

  •  Since I only use my Clarisonic every Sunday and Wednesday, I try to use the Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub once a week in between those days (usually on Fridays). I would use it more often but my face was going through dry patches and sensitivity from the Clarisonic so I am taking it easy with exfoliating my skin.
  • So I use this in the shower and scrub my face gently in small circular motions all over, and then I follow with the Charcoal Detox face wash. 
  • The Jojoba beads are pretty tiny that it still feels gentle enough to use on my sensitive skin. 

  • I also am using prescriptive topical retinoid cream (Tazorac) every PM, and benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin (Duac gel) every AM, so I try to add my skin care products slowly and let it adjust instead of using them all at once. My skin seems to take it all in pretty well as I did not have any bad reactions during the first week or so of using any of these products.

  • I have not used this Kaolin Clay detoxifying facial mask yet! I will try to start using this once a month.

My Verdict:
  • Starting with the pros of this kit, overall I see how my skin has improved! My dry patches were gone after a week of using these products.
  • My skin looks healthier and not dull looking. I believe it has balanced the pH of my skin as my T-zone isn't oily as before, and my cheek area isn't as dry anymore!
  • With the help of the Clarisonic and this I can see that it had minimize the size of my pores around my nose/cheek area!
  • I love how the cleanser removes all the dirt and makeup on my face, and if there's any other residue I know the toner will clean it off!
  • I have no problem using my BareMinerals Powder Foundation or Urban Decay Naked liquid foundation as I don't see any cakey areas!
  • Now onto the cons of this kit. I still am having hormonal break outs but they are drying up. But as any acne, they take their sweet time to go away and then leave a mark after! It is in my genes though that I have such acne prone skin so I will give this kit more time and see how it goes on month 3 or when I am running low on these products and see if I will repurchase.
  • I do wish this was available in stores or drugstores, though shipping was fast (it took 2-3 days after I ordered!) and free for over $45, I would still like to see the products and test them out at a store as I have never really used this brand before. This is a well talked brand all over YouTube but it was such a gamble buying a whole kit without knowing how I will like it.
By buying the kit I do know which ones I would want to repurchase! I really love how the Charcoal Detox face wash cleans my face and does not leave my skin dry. I would repurchase the toner as well! My skin has been liking it so far, as I am not breaking out as bad as before. No dry patches or cakey makeup at all. 

I am always on the lookout for really good all natural skin care products out there so I can't really tell you if I will still be using this kit a year from now or in six months! 

I do suggest to try it out as I do love what they stand for!

  Made in USA
               Made with organic ingredients
               NO added water
               NO parabens or triclosan, phthalates or sulfates
               NO mineral oil, artificial color or synthetic fragrance
               NO animal testing (products tested on our chairman)
 Look around their website: and read about their brand some more.

disclaimer: all products mentioned in this post are purchased by my own money. this is NOT a sponsored post at all nor was I asked by the company to write a review. All opinions on this post are my own and solely mine alone. 

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