November 6, 2013

L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara Review

From my recent drugstore haul, I have purchased this new L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara in blackest black. I just opened this mascara a few days ago and the same day I posted my haul here on my blog, Shalunya theChronicBeauty of Shalunya&Boyet blog also have posted her haul which had this mascara as well. And that's when we agreed to do a showdown on this mascara. 
We just both agreed to post our reviews at the same day, and see if we will have the same result on this mascara. I usually go for waterproof mascaras as that holds my curl the best, and will not melt on me after a few hours of wear as I got no time to be re-applying it while running around the city! 

On to the product. . . I bought this at a CVS store for $9.99. I found this at the new display section of the beauty aisle, so I am not sure if this is a limited edition product or not. The first time I knew of this product was from watching this season's Project Runway on Lifetime. They also showed the commercial in between the show, I was sold and so I was on a hunt after that. 

Now here's what it says on the back of the packaging, so I don't miss anything here I just took a picture of it:

Here's the unique shape of the mascara wand that L'oreal is talking about, ". . .to catch every lash from corner to corner. . ." This is the best angle I could capture and get my camera to focus on those "butterfly winged" shaped bristles. 

This do have ". . . a flexible arch to lift up at the outer edge."

The Results:

  • I have only eyeshadow on and no eyeliner applied yet in the picture below so you can see how the mascara coats my lashes

  • The picture below I have finished my eye look on both eyes. Added my liner and applied three coats of the mascara. I usually only do one coat to get a natural looking lashes, but for this review I want to see how dramatic this can get if I do 2-3 coats.
  • I used the bottom bristles of the wand to do my bottom lashes. I only did one coat on my bottom lashes.

My expectation:

  • When a mascara claims it will give me longer lashes on the outer corner of my eye, I usually think of Angelina Jolie's eye makeup, so I just had to try this mascara out!
Angelina Jolie's eyes (image taken from the web). This is how I wish my eyes look!
  • I read somewhere her eyes are round shaped but with a winged liner and longer lashes on the outer corner of her eyes, it gives her that nice cat-eye shape to it, which just looks so sexy and fierce! And I want this mascara to give me that nice sexy lashes as I work on my make-up to pair it with!
High expectations I know but L'oreal have been producing a lot of skin care and beauty products lately that I thought I will not like and they have proven me wrong. I have only used one mascara from them, the L'oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes. It's not my favorite mascara but it does the job of lengthening my lashes. This mascara has been compared to this product and so I though this will be something I have to play with or layer with other mascara, but you'll see in my verdict below how L'oreal just proved me wrong again!

The Verdict:
  • Packaging: I love the shiny silver packaging of this mascara. But it's a bit bulky. It takes a lot of space on my makeup bag so this will just be an at-home use for me. 
  • Formula: This do have a wet formula but the wand just have enough product in it for application. 
  • Application: I had no problems doing my right eye BUT to get my left eye I had to twist my right arm to my left side holding the wand to position the wing part of the wand to my left outer lashes. I usually don't do my mascara this way but it wasn't that bad. There was no mess at all as it coats all my lashes great!
  • This definitely held my curl all day and "winged" out my lashes towards the outer corner of my eyes.
  • Okay, I know my eyes are not comparable to Angelina Jolie's gorgeous eyes but this mascara did lengthened my lashes! It caught every lash which I have a problem with regular mascaras.
  • I had no problem using the smaller bristles of the wand to apply mascara on my bottom lashes.
  • There was no clumping, smudging nor flaking all day!
  • I've tried mascaras that irritated my eyes and made my lash line just itch but I had none of that with this mascara, and I've worn this mascara for a good 12hr straight the other day!
  • The mascara came off so easily just using my Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Face Wash.
  • I do highly recommend this mascara! I love this and will be using this for the rest of the year!

Have you guys tried this mascara yet? Are you in-love with it as I am? I do hope this become a permanent product in the drugstore as I love how it makes my lashes look as it is the perfect pair with a winged lined eyes!

Now don't forget to head over Shalunya's blog to see what she thinks of this mascara! She has a grading system that is pretty cool with her beauty reviews. So check her out!

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