May 13, 2013

Hair Product FAIL!

Unfortunately this post is "NOT FiveTwo Certified". It did not meet my needs, hopefully this is not the case with most of you girls who have tried and/or are using these products now
I bought this set when I saw it on sale at Duane Reade for $19.99. It was still pretty hefty I know for a drugstore brand shampoo & conditioner, but after sampling the Big Sexy Hair products from Ipsy Glambags I got curious and had to try this out.
I have never heard of Sexy Hair before Ipsy, and this was a brand I needed to explore more after reading a lot of great reviews on it, so I grabbed the last one off the shelf without checking any reviews online. *I usually read reviews about products I am interested in getting before purchasing them myself. But because I might not see this sale again, I just grabbed it and hoped for the best!

A little information of what my hair is, to understand this review more. I have long,wavy, fine hair with split ends and dry ends, since I am overdue for a trim. My scalp is pretty dry, and that's my main focus for my hunt for the best shampoo & conditioner.

I thought it was just the winter weather but it hasn't really gone away! My dermatologist suggested to use the Neutrogena T-Gel, which worked but after using this for a month my hair started falling off a lot-lot! So I started looking at more less harsher chemical-ed products out there, to see maybe that's what my hair is just looking for. Since this claims to give moisture and nutrients to my hair, I thought that's what my hair needed; some TLC and products with great natural ingredients. 

"Healthy Sexy Hair Soy is a perfectly balanced line of products that provide nutrition and moisture to dry hair."
After a week of using this every other day, I noticed my hair feels so soft and not as frizzy. Another week passed of using this and I see my scalp was worse than before! My second day bedhead hair started to itch really bad at the end of the day, and I feel bumps all over my head! Though my hair strands started looking really lively and soft, my scalp was just the opposite. *Sorry I didn't take pictures, but from my hairline I can see the dryness and the white chunks. Pretty embarrassing.

Just to finish the bottles since I don't just want to throw them away, I shampoo with Head&Shoulders after I wash with this shampoo and use the conditioner still, but keeping it just at the ends of my hair. The flakes went away and everything was great! I tried to use these by themselves again just to make sure this was the main cause of my super dry scalp, and it unfortunately proved me right. My flakes came back and the bumps all over my scalp. 

I'm almost done with the bottles so I have put them aside and now I have started using Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner which I purchased recently. Pretty excited to see how this Clear products work, after reading a lot of good reviews on it!

So that's my personal experience from this Healthy Sexy Hair line and this might not have been the right one for my problem but I don't think I will be repurchasing from this Soy line again if it's really just focusing on my hair and not the scalp. I need products that will treat both, and Clear seems to claim that on their website so watch out for a review on that!


  1. Oh no! I am glad your scalp is back to normal now though.

    1. thank you! yeh my scalp is not as dry anymore; no more flakes! But I still feel bumps in some areas, and this is only using Clear twice! Looking good with Clear right now =)

  2. Thanks for the review, I am a bit of a product junkie when it comes to hair products and I have seen this one so it is good to have a review on it. I hate buying things that don't work and then I end up being stuck with them.

    1. thats what i get for impulse-buying this product :( I've learned my lesson and never again will I buy products that I have not done enough research on! Hence subscribing to all your great blog sites so I can get a lot of feedback on beauty products out there! =)