May 2, 2013

April 2013 Favorites

Did April just fly by or is it just me?!?
Maaan when I was just enjoying the April weather, here comes May. I am not complaining since May is my favorite month of the year since that's my birthday month! But wow we are almost half way done with 2013!!! And you know what happens during your birthday month right?! Free stuff wooot!

Everybody knows as a Sephora Beauty Insider, you get a free gift on your birthday month and this year are deluxe samples of Benefit's They're Real mascara and Watts Up highlighter - woot! woot! So I will be stopping by Sephora one of these days in May to claim that! I will also be stopping by Starbucks since they give you a free drink of your choice on your birthday month. *One of the few times I get a Starbucks. I hate their coffee, but I love their Caramel Frappuccino and Passion Fruit iced tea Lemonade, and not paying $5+ for one is awesome! And Fresh is also giving away a small gift on your birthday month (I'll insert an Instagram from them of that post). A lot of other retailers online and in-store have this promo going on so just google "birthday month freebies" since there are free food and drinks too besides some beauty products!

*Same lip duo that Sephora gave away last year for your birthday! 

Okay now on to my beauty favorites! I don't have a lot of beauty fave products this past month of April since I am still using the same products from the previous months, but I have added a few in my beauty routine that I am loving!

First off my Mai Couture Highlighting Papers that I got from my December Ipsy glambag. I did not use this papers until recently since I was not really feeling the "JLo glow" look until Spring has sprung! Since I want my skin to look more luminous to match the sunshiney days of April, I have been putting this highlight on with my fingers, to get a more subtle highlight. Since this has a peachy tint to it, I only use a little bit on my cheekbones and below the arch of my eyebrows. *But since I got my Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm last week, this highlighting papers can take a break for now!

Mai Couture swatch is on top of the two lip swatches. It's so subtle but it gives you that nice glow!

Next are my Sugar Fresh Lip Treatments in Coral and Berry tints. Since I have been keeping my makeup to a minimum, I just want to add some color to my lips and these two lip balms are awesome! Not only they give me that subtle peach and berry colors on my lips but it keeps my lips hydrated and protected with it's SPF15! This goes on like "buttah"! It goes on sheer but it's pretty build-able. Unfortunately, this don't leave a stain on your lips but I don't mind to put this on every time it rubs off, since the color is so pretty and just keeps my lips hydrated! I love that this comes with a screw cap/cover so you don't have to worry about the cap coming off when you throw it in your purse or make-up bag.

Left: Sugar Coral; Right: Sugar Berry
top: Sugar Coral; bottom: Sugar Berry

for Nails, I am loving my dotting tools that I bought on, here, for so cheap! So if you're starting into nail art like me, this is a good buy. If you're tired of using dress pins or toothpicks as dotting tools like me, this is a good buy! Youtube and Pinterest are such great sites to get inspirations for nail designs, and now I can't have just plain nail polish anymore with these dotting tools, you have infinite ways of designing your manis!

And that's it for my beauty April faves for this month! I am trying out new products now (I mean products that have been out but I have yet to try) so we'll see if it will make it in my ftc favorites!

for my Non-Beauty Faves:

My investment sneakers, Reebok UR Lead Mid Shoes, are just awesome! I just love these shoes! I used to wear my 6yr old cross trainers and huuge difference between the two! These shoes are super lightweight that it's so easy to do the jumps and quick steps during a Zumba work out. The design at the sole of the shoes really do make a difference when doing the twists and turns. It truly lives to it's hype so if you are looking for a dancing/ aerobic sneakers, keep this in mind when you're shopping around.

btw, my nails are one of my nail arts done with the dotting tools!

Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic Espresso coffee beans
I have been buying these beans since last year but went on hiatus when they just kept increasing the price on me every time I come every month last year! I couldn't hold out anymore and gave in. And to my expectations, they have increased their prices again! These are really good beans for my cafe lattes and cappuccinos but I can manage with Stumptown beans, which are $2-3 cheaper instead. Maybe once in a while I will treat myself to Black Cat coffee beans.

And lastly for my non-beauty fave this month. This newly found Brookside Dark Chocolate covered Pomegranate! While shopping around Walgreen's, my husband found this and now I am obsessed with it! I have never heard of this brand or have seen chocolate covered pomegranates anywhere! My two favorites combined into one, that is genius!

So those are my April favorites! Looking back, I see how I focused more on food this April and keeping it healthy in a way to get my body Summer ready. Plus I did more beauty shopping then so I am now trying out these products and see if it will make it for May faves or part of my everyday beauty routine! Now my skin is transitioning to the hot weather I am also looking out for products that will keep my oily skin in control and hair frizz free!
In other news, have you checked out Ipsy's FB page?! Have you see the sneak peeks for Ipsy's May Glambag? Aaaah I'm excited! Looking good Ipsy!!!


  1. I love Brookside chocolate, I usually have to take some out and then hide the bag lol they are delicious and I love the fruit variety they have. I also love Ghiradelli chocolate.

    I have a couple of those Suagar lip balms and I do like them but since I got my eos lip balms I haven`t been using them much. Those dotting tools look good, I think I need to get some nail art tools.

    1. I do the same thing with the chocolate! I can probably finish the bag if I don't put it away! hehehe

  2. thanks! feel free to subscribe, so you always get updated with my posts =)

  3. The lipsticks look great and I love your trainers :) x

    1. thank you =) I seem to be getting attracted to bright colors lately - it must be the weather hehehe

  4. Thanks for posting a link to the nail polish dotting tools, I just bought some!! Those were so cheap!! Your nails look awesome!