April 19, 2013

The Liebster Award

UPDATE: Erica D of http://diaryofatrendaholic.blogspot.ae/ have recently given me the Liebster Award as well and I am gladly to answer her 11 Questions! Thank you so much Erica! Just scroll down where it says "UPDATE" for my answers!!!

The awesome and funny The Charming Cheshire has given me the Liebster Award!
I am so truly honored and thankful and surprised to have gotten this award, and on that note let's start!

A Liebster Award is an honor given to up and coming fun blogs that have less than 200 followers as a way to get their name out there and share some awesome blogs that you may have stumbled upon. Here's what it entails:

- Each blogger posts 11 random facts about themselves
- Each blogger answers the questions the tagger has set for you
- then you pick 11 new winners of the Liebster Award and link them to your post
- pick 11 new questions to ask the new chosen winners
- go to the new blog winner's page and tell them about their award
- No tag-backs!


1- I have 4 tattoos that have all personal meaning to me.
2- I'm a coffee addict geek. Espresso is not a kind of coffee, it's the process of making the coffee - that kind of geek!
3- I learned to crochet from YouTube videos, and still have to finish my very first blanket which I started last year. I've made a lot of winter beanies and slouchy hats and small bags in 2012!
4- I burp like a man, only at home though. TMI? Well that's pretty random isn't it?!?
5- I have a hair accessory shop on Etsy called, Quelimade BUT it's on hold right now until I'm happy with my finish products.
6- I had braces for 6yrs, and that's why I'll never skip a dental appointment! Don't really want to mess up all that dental work!
7- When I crave for sweets, I get a cupcake!
8- I hate reality shows but I can't have enough of Real Housewives. OC and Beverly Hills are my faves!
9- My hubby and I met through our friends who met online, 7 years ago. We were their wing men, and we ended up together while both our friends are dating other people now.
10- I have 3 babies. Our 7yr old cat, 5yr old Shiba Inu and 3yr old German Shepherd. And yes the cat gets along well with the two dogs. He actually dominates them and we made sure of that!
11- I love to shop at small boutiques (support small businesses!) but I'd also like to own a Gucci bag someday. One nice classic piece that's all =)

now here are my ANSWERS TO The lovely Charming Cheshire's QUESTIONS:

1- Are you a polish lover or a makeup lover? Polish Lover! *check my Instagram --> _j4ckie_ to check out all my simple nail arts!
2- What is the one beauty product you cannot live without? Lip balms, tinted and clear ones.
3- Name your signature drink. Lattes *like I said above, I'm a coffee addict geek.
4- What beauty trend (in the past year) do you think was totally ridiculous? The Pajama outfit! *Not really sure if that was last year but I just remember fashion was trying to make the pajama look happen. Not me and never!
5- What would you say your beauty style is closest to? Classic, trendy, edgy, boho? I keep my style classic BUT with a twist! If I keep my clothes simple, I amp it up with having bold jewelries on or a nice edgy bag, and vice versa: a bold outfit with simple accessories!
6- Best moment in your life? (other than receiving the Liebster Award obviously!) There are tons of moments I have said that has been the best moment of my life but ok I'll pick one...Cheesy but true, meeting my husband. He has given most of those best moments of my life.
7- Most surprisingly awesome beauty product you've ever tried? Drugstore: Lip stains; High-end: Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel
8- What song would you say is the theme song of your life? Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. I'm just very blessed to be living in one of the best cities in the world. Wish it wasn't that expensive here and crowded.
9- What movie would you love to just step into and why? Every movie where I'm Ryan Gosling's love interest!
10- If you had $500 to spend on beauty products, what would you get? I haven't really made a wish list but I'll start with buying me some Inglot eyeshadows, EvePearl concealer and out of curiosity a Chanel Foundation - see if it will really give me that flawless, airbrush look!
11- What awesome beauty product do you wish you could invent? A hair serum that will make my hair grow 5 inches longer overnight!

UPDATE below are my ANSWERS to Erica of Diary of a Trendaholic's Questions:

1- What is the nicest place you have ever been to or What is your dream vacation spot? Nicest place was in Halekulani hotel in Honolulu, HI for our honeymoon. My dream vacation spot though would be Paris, France! Most romantic place in the world - for me that is!
2- What is your dream occupation? Twenty years ago was to be a doctor. Ten years ago was to have my own Psychology practice in NYC. Five years ago was to open up my own Etsy shop, which is on hold right now. NOW I'd love to be a well known beauty blogger and be able to attend beauty events to learn more on this exciting beauty adventure I am in! *My dreams keep changing hehehe.
3- What is your favorite perfume? I bought this years ago and still am in love with it! My "L" by LAMB. It has light sweet tones of citrus in it. Just refreshing whenever I put it on.
4- What month were you born on? This month! MAY baby!!! My birthday is actually coming up, 25th!
5- What is one food you absolutely hate? I don't eat lobster, since I can't do all those work. Too much work, and when you're hungry it does not help!
6- What is your biggest pet peeve (something that annoys you)? People on the train that talks so loud either on their phone or to their friends, even with my headphones on!
7- What are your hobbies? I crochet; iPhoneography (taking artistic photos with my iPhone hehehe); learn to make different coffee drinks like Cappuccinos, Lattes, French Press, Cortado, Espressos...
8- What is your favorite movie?  The Notebook and Full Metal Jacket - two different extremes I know!
9- What has been your favorite purchase for this year thus far? OMG this is a hard one since this year has been a year I bought a lot of new beauty products! The best one so far is my SuperSolano XtraLite3300 since it benefits my hair and our German Shepherd and my arms!
10- What is your favorite season? Spring! It's my birthday season. And the temperature is just perfect for a nice spring dress and a light jacket if needed.
11- What is your favorite novel? The Wizard of OZ! I bought it for my niece recently and that was my first time reading the book. I have to say I like the book better than the movie!

*thank you! thank you Erica D for picking me and I really had fun answering these questions!!!

*I know this calls for 11 winners but the other blogs that I follow have already more than 200 followers or have closed their blog sites! Sorry again for the short list of my winners. To the winners though, Congrats! 

- Julia Kingsley
- Life of a Makeup Junkie
- Little Lady Lohrey
- Drugstore Gal
- Paint that Green
- Dynamite Does Nails (sorry for not checking your previous posts that you were already a winner since I'm a new subscriber to your awesome blog! anyways still feel free to answer the questions if you like!)


1- Pants, Skirts or Dresses?
2- One food or drink your fridge is always stocked with?
3- Would you ever do the makeup tattoo (permanent eyebrows, lipstick color...)? If yes, which one would you get?
4- Favorite drugstore and high end beauty brand.
5- What is the best beauty advice you've read or heard?
6- What are 3 things that you love about yourself?
7- Best 3 compliments a stranger have told you?
8- If you can only wear one makeup product, what would it be? lipstick, an eye shadow, foundation...?
9- What is your favorite beauty product that is on your dresser right now?
10- What is the oldest product do you have in your makeup collection right now?
11- Favorite beauty website or Youtube channel or magazine. I know picking one is hard so give us your top 3!

Congratulations again to the winners! Thanks again to The Charming Cheshire for picking me, I really had fun answering this and hope the new winners do to! I'm looking forward to reading your answers!!!


  1. Aw, you flatter me so much! ::blush:: you are well-deserving of the award. Great answers, btw!

    1. Thanks! I really had fun answering the questions! and thank you so much again for honoring me with this award!

  2. Thanks for awarding me! I've amended my original Liebster post to include a thank you and answers to your questions :)


  3. i have one tattoo. i love nars for high end and revlon for drugstore

    1. I don't own any Nars but I read a lot of good reviews on it so I may eventually add that to my collection some day too =)