April 23, 2013

**FiveTwo Certified Blog Site Update**

I guess I should have explained to you guys earlier how to navigate around my blog but I felt like it was self-explanatory. All the Ipsy Glam bag reviews will be under "Ipsy Glambag", the Influenster voxboxes will be under "Influenster Voxbox" and all beauty related topics will be under "Beauty", and so forth. But as time passes, I felt there is something lacking here in my site. How is this blog about me? How does this blog stand out from the other beauty blogs? How is the name "Five Two Certified" related to blogging on beauty? I've kept thinking and thinking, and apologies that it took me this long to be able to see how I want to envision my blog.

Let me start by explaining the tabs on top on which I have added the letters "ftc" to beauty, faves, events and DIY. To give it a more personal touch to it since this is not just a beauty blog but MY personal opinions and reviews on products, and so I added "ftc" (five two certified)!!! I could have just signed every blog post with "- Certified by a Five Two =)" and that's actually cute too but I feel like starting to add "ftc" to my titles will make you remember my blog more! And to go further and discuss each tab:

        ftc Faves: This page will have not just have my monthly favorites. From now on, I will add posts about products that I truly love and have a more in-depth reviews on it, and maybe it will make it to my monthly fave round-up or not! This could be products that I have been trying out and have fallen in love with or products I have been using for a long time that I feel are truly amazing and have not shared with you guys! 
       ftc Beauty: This will have posts on all other beauty products that did not make it to my favorite list but of course I still want to share it with you and let you know how my experience with it went. Instead of documenting what I have read on parabens and formaldehyde and all that chemicals, I will just focus on the products I have recently bought and found and tested. I really don't want to bore you with all that info which can be found on a lot of more informational websites anyways. We are all here to read on beauty products right? So I will stick to that and tell you my opinion on it!
       ftc DIY: self-explanatory but the DIY's I post here are inspired a lot by Pinterest and since I am not good in following instructions, as-in a lot of making it up as I go through it, and yet comes out pretty awesome =) hence it's "five two certified DIY's"!
      ftc Events: These are events or fashion updates that I went to or participated in and want to share with you guys with my additional tips and advises for the next time it happens or for an event similar to it.

**and for my beauty box subscriptions, they get their own tabs so it's easy to find and for organizational purposes too! Don't you have your lipsticks separated from your eye shadows? Exact logic here.

As I keep updating the design of my page, I have you, my readers, in mind on how to make this site easier for you guys to navigate around; to find old and new posts easier. I still am learning how Blogger works since I am no tech-savvy genius and I don't spend enough time to study it since I just want to write and share my experiences ASAP with you all!
So please, please stick around and subscribe if you haven't, to see this evolving blog of mine into a. . . butterfly or a disaster. Hope you do enjoy my posts and please feel free to comment on anything! On how else can I improve this site and what else would you like to see here. 
Thanks to all who have stuck around, my few subscribers. I do hope our community gets bigger as time passes.

something random after reading all that =) sending our love to all my readers!


  1. Nice blog, Your cat is adorable!


    1. Thank you and thank you for subscribing! I just subscribed to yours too and now I want pizza for dinner hehehehe =)

  2. LOL, it was delicious! Thanks to you too. I blog about beauty, makeup and health topics but I also wanted to post pretty much anything I felt like sharing, especially since I love travelling and doing interesting things. I am thinking about trying out some of the beauty products when I go to Dubai in a couple weeks and doing a blog post about what the women use over there. I am hoping it will be something different and cultural.

    1. Ooooh nice Dubai!!! Looking forward to those posts! Yes that's what I like about your blog, it's random from beauty to food but it's about YOU still =)

  3. LOVE your blog! Great post, and I think the layout of your blog is awesome....btw, you've got a handsome kitty there, he's adorable!

  4. Thank you so much! He is a handsome one and loves to cuddle =)