August 13, 2014

Let's Get Personal: My Writing Process Tour

This is way out of topic of what this beauty blog site is about, but I thought a break from all the beauty reviews and all beauty posts would be good, don't you think? Plus I have been invited to share with you all: 
"My Writing Process Tour" 
This is basically sharing with you how my blog-writing process is. 
By the way, I am no professional journalist or an award-winning writer (*I would like to think that way every time I am typing away on my laptop though!). This is just another tag post that my fellow beauty blogger have tagged me to do, for us to share each others writing ways and hopefully get some tips as well on how we all write for our blog.
Let's start with how my desk looks. Once I sit down to get on my laptop, Wins loves to get in between my laptop and I, and lay down on my notes that I needed to blog for that day. There's not enough space for him to stretch out to sleep, so after a few minutes of some rub, he will go find a better spot in the room and totally pass out there for the rest of the day.

Thank you to Chelsea of Tiger Love Beauty for inviting me to do this post. She has posted her very helpful Writing Process Post last week, which you can read HERE. If you haven't checked her blog out, you should! She covers a range of great beauty posts from reviews, makeup inspired looks, makeup tips and organization advises, and all other helpful beauty information!  

Now onto the questions about My Writing Process:

What am I working on?
I try to follow a schedule and a notebook to get my blogging more organized but that only lasted for 1-3 months I think. Just like any other New Year's Resolution - that went down the drain and now I am back to writing whenever I'm not on a "writer's block" that can last for a day or more.
I work on drafts for what I need to post the next few weeks, such as sponsored reviews that needs to be posted, beauty product reviews I have been testing for a month now, and subscription box post for the month. And on days I'm not writing I try to organize my blog photos - watermark and edit the lighting on them.
There is really no specific answer to this as I go see day by day what I am in the mood to write first from the drafts and notes I have.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I don't go on full details of the products packaging and product information, or what the companies about, all those can be found on their websites. I don't want to be repetitive when these information can be found there which I will include a link on my post. 
I will include a quick product and company overview, a lot of my own product pictures (and sometimes taken from websites which is fully noted on the image), color swatches for makeup products like lipsticks and eyeshadows are what you will mostly find on my beauty posts. Besides that, I will tell you my 100% honest opinion on the products, the experience I went through and share you what's the best way it worked for me. If I firmly believe a product is well worth trying, I will tell you. But for most, I leave that up to you if you want to try out the product or not.
I have been very grateful to be invited to a lot of great beauty events such as new product launches; store openings, and so on that is happening in NYC, so I try to share that as well on my blog and on my other social media accounts. 

Why do I write what I do?
I started blogging as a way for me to document the beauty products I have been using to know which one did and did not work for me. I learned not all hypo-allergenic, dermatologist recommended, paraben free and mineral makeup products work for me and having a bad memory, I needed to write it down. I have such a super sensitive skin and it is really frustrating to deal with adult acne, so I focus on my journey to finding the right skincare and makeup products on this blog. And slowly expand it to other beauty-related topics, as well as fashion!
It may sound like a disclaimer but I am only here to write down my own beauty experiences, and not push anyone to try any products out. I am always flattered when I do hear my blog post did help you decide to try out a product and I think that's what we, bloggers, are here for - to help each other out, right? 

How does your writing process work?
Pretty simple....and complicated at the same time (?)
I would write down my blog post ideas on a notebook, and when I've decided which post to get published for the week I would start a few drafts on Blogger and from there see which topic comes to me first.
All blog photos happen when I am on a caffeine-roll! On days my blog brain is off, I take pictures for the blog which is an all day thing since I have to turn my work desk into a small photo studio, with the right lighting and all. And once I am happy with my set-up I try to take all the pictures I need for future blog photos, like for the next week.
I try to post three times a week which slowed down for the Summer. I don't want to pressure myself either to get a post up, and so I try to alternate short, easy posts and detailed posts. I also don't want to bombard you with three heavy informed posts consecutively and so I try to spread this out.
Because of my unorganized way of blogging, I apologize if I have forgotten to write a beauty review on some of the beauty products I have posted on my Twitter and/or Instagram. I do try to post quick reviews on my Instagram (@_j4ckie_) when I don't get a chance to write an in-depth one on the blog. I also try to share the events I have attended; feature brands or companies on my Instagram as well so I hope you're following me there!
Before I do press that "Publish" button, I read and Preview my posts a few times to see if I missed any letters or words or for last minute additions and changes. I try to write in a way how I would talk to you but with the proper use of nouns, adjectives and names so it will not be filled with "like", "and stuff", "whatever" and "you know!". My one writing rule on blogging is no street-talk, street lingo, as you are writing to a huge range of audience.

It is always nerve-racking hitting that "Publish" button because once it's out there, you'll never know who is reading your post! They could be award-winning writers, fellow bloggers, PR companies, beauty companies, blogger critics (if there are any, I'm not sure), news people, students, tweens, cousins, sisters and mothers - so I always try to write the easiest way one can understand in all ages but still not losing myself in it- of course a little bit of "Jackie sarcasm" in between here and there - doesn't hurt! 

So in summary, that's how my blog-brain works! For now...My writing process changes since when I get bored at a routine or it gets very mundane, I change it up to keep me challenge and the creative juices flowing. I hope that wasn't confusing at all. If there's something not clear let me know in the comments below.

For the next "Writing Process Tour":
I have invited the next three bloggers below to share with us next week, August 18, their own writing process!

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