August 20, 2014

Gel Manis + Nail Arts at Primp & Polish

What girl does not like to get their nails done and spend some great quality time at the nail salon with their girl friends?!?! And so one afternoon, Faith of Love, Roxie, Angela from and I headed out to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to get our nails done and have some relaxing girl time!

 Right in the middle of one of the trendiest and "Hipster Central" neighborhood is the elegant and spacious,
  Primp & Polish 

I just love salons that have huge walls of nail polish choices! This place did not disappoint as one side of the wall was fully stocked of Essie, OPI and Zoya polishes! On the other side, behind where the Nail Technicians are more polishes from gel brands such as CND, Harmony Gelish to some higher end brand nail polishes. You can either pick your color from their huge wall OR once you are seated they have a "nail polish swatch book" that you can browse while they prep your nails for your manicure! 

I definitely enjoyed the Cucumber Scrub before we started our gel manicure + nail art! My hands felt very soft and smooth, and the cucumber scent lingered on my hands for a while, which was really nice! Behind the technicians, you will find their well-kept and organized "tools-sterilization" station.

For our appointments, they have asked us which nail art on their Instagram do we want to have, but don't hesitate to bring your own design or picture or pattern you would like, they'll be happy to match you to the right nail artist that can get that nail art done! We have been told there are customers that bring pictures of paintings, graffitis, a print from a dress or magazine that they saw to be replicated on their nails, and you will see some of these on their Instagram (@primpnpolish)!!! It is amazing and impressive how these nail arts are very detailed and looks so great on the nails. 


All nail arts were done free handedly, so expect to sit there for a while. There's no stencils or nail stickers here folks! They do not rush either and try to get every nail the perfect design you chose. It's all by hand and any nail art tools they need to get the design done. 
As for the design I chose, which is a lot of lines and three different colors, May (@primpmay), the nail technician that did my nails only used a nail art brush to paint the lines and the colors inside each box! 

And now some nail art modeling pictures before we all head on to get some cocktails! Everybody got gel manicures and all looked so beautiful and so similar to the pictures that were chosen! We actually couldn't stop admiring each others nails for a while! 

Before heading out we got to meet one of the owners of Primp & Polish, Kieu Bui (Vice-President, Services & Operations). She co-owns the salon with her sister, Lauren Bui (President, Services & Operations). They have opened 4 locations already in the Brooklyn, NY area and they are working to open up more salon locations in the future!   

Here we are with Aliz Sass (Director of Business Operations), who was very sweet and kind to make sure we were comfortable during our manicure session. Actually, the salon met way more than my expectations, everyone was friendly and nice, and very professional at the same time. This place is just beautiful! It's a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is so relaxing once you come inside. For pedicures, it is all done in their beautiful backyard! They are just one stop away on the L train from the city, so it is not hard to come and visit them at all! I will list down below their 4 different salon locations. 

I have never had a gel manicure before and so I was really impressed to see how my nails looked so shiny, the design looks very precise and crisp, and pretty strong from chips and scratches! It's going to be on week 2 on this polish and it still looks flawless!

For great nail art inspirations, nail salon updates and happenings, follow them on their social medias:

Check their website out for more nail art inspirations -

So if you are in the NYC area, try to stop by Brooklyn an get some nail art at Primp & Polish!  

Manhattan Avenue

Phone: (347) 987-4136

Bedford Avenue

Phone: (718) 384-3555

Driggs Avenue

(On Driggs Ave bet. N9th & N10th)
Phone: (718) 965-1900

Grand Street

Phone: (718) 599-1949

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