August 8, 2014

4 Seasons of Fashion: Maxi Dresses

I used to avoid buying maxi dresses because I thought it would just make me look shorter than I am now. I don't have a petite frame either (big hips, love it!) and I thought it would just make me look bigger. I tried it on one day, and fell in-love with how comfy it is, and how cute I actually look in it! I seriously would wear this all year so here's a few ways how I'd style it for the different seasons!

Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses by j4ckie featuring tibi dresses

I only have a few maxi's in my closet and I may have posted a picture of it already on my Instagram (@_j4ckie_)  or not, but you will see them eventually so I hope you're following me! My hubby, aka my OOTD-photographer, is only available on some weekends so it's hard to squeeze in a photo shoot appointment in-between our weekend errands, friends and family gatherings, and house chores. But enough excuses, we all look for a different style of maxi dresses anyways so I will try to show different ones here to make it more applicable to everyone. Not all cuts and styles are the same and will flatter everyone so always try them on before getting one!

You only need a light sweater for when it gets a bit chilly at night. So don't be scared to wear bolder printed dresses or brighter colors during this time. I would go for sheerer sweaters or thin knitted fabric type of sweaters.
Spring Maxis

Spring Maxis by j4ckie featuring a chain pendant

To wear those maxi's in more than one way, add a crop top! I like to wear it with a shirt you can tie the front (or tying knot on a shirt), I'm not sure what that style is called but it gives you a shape and shows that cute waistline you have!
Summer Layers

Summer Layers by j4ckie featuring crop shirts

This is when I style my sweet maxis with a denim jacket, leather jackets or bomber jackets. Give it a more street style/ downtown vibe to it. Add a fur vest or a scarf too if you like! Layer it up! It's getting cold out there anyways!

Fall Layers

Fall Layers by j4ckie featuring a belted dress

It's all about the chunky sweater, a nice warm scarf and a pretty long warm coat, leggings underneath maybe if it's super cold out. Pair this with your long boots and you should be warm enough for the Winter. 

Winter Layers

When a girl's on a budget we try to wear our clothes as much as we can all-year round and this is something I grew up learning as I put myself through college and work part-time. And when you only have a tiny closet to fit in all four seasons of clothing, you will understand why I love to layer. Plus, when you have that favorite wardrobe in your closet, don't you try to wear it as much as you can? 

I don't worry what the trend is for the season, if you feel good in it you will look good in it. You don't need to be wearing what's on trend at the time to look pretty. It's all how you feel! It will show then how you carry your clothes, your own style!

I hope this inspires you to play with what you have in your closet. So what's your favorite piece that you just wear almost everyday besides that comfy jeans and shirt?!

If you have any requests on what you want to style for 4 Seasons (an accessory, or a piece of clothing, shoes, anything!) please comment down below and I'll be happy to feature it next time!

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