October 9, 2013

Wet n' Wild Products Tried and Returned

The products I have listed here are the ones I recently just purchased. Unfortunately, these products were not what I expected. Since I have a few here, let's just start with it, shall we?!?

Wet n' Wild Megalast Matte Liquid Lipstick

"Intense liquid color with built-in moisturizer provides one-step application for weightless, ultra-conditioning wear that lasts up to 8 hours."

  • This I bought during a 40% off on all Wet n' Wild products at my Rite-Aid. It's originally $2.99.
  • The packaging reminded me of Rimmel's Apocalips and loved the formula of it. I wondered if this was a dupe for that so I bought one to try. 
  • I chose to get a matte formula since I have never owned anything matte since my last try with matte lip products years ago, my lips were just chappy and super dry afterterwards!

  • The color is very pigmented, that it only takes one application! It goes on pretty smoothly and with the doe applicator it was easy to apply on the lips. But it had a tacky feel to it as it dries to matte finish.
  • As you can see in the picture above, the color goes on matte so beautifully. On my lips tho, it just sank in to the lines and just made my lips feel so dry! It was crying for some gloss or lip balm - anything to give it some moisture! I couldn't last five minutes without putting any gloss on top of it!
  • During the 3-5 minutes I had it on, I didn't see any lipstick transfer on my glass of water or on the back of my hand. It definitely has a long wear to it.
  • I had to scrub this off with a lip exfoliator. This was stuck in my lips like paint! It took more time taking the lipstick off than it was putting it on. Now it is just sitting on my dresser, away from my other lip products since it is being punished for drying my lips! Now I'm forever staying away from matte!
  • I might go try the non-matte liquid lipstick since I do love how pigmented these are and inexpensive!

Wet n' Wild Fergie EyeShadow Primer

"Being a pop culture icon means you never leave the house without looking in prime condition.  So Fergie's letting you in on her secrete to always looking impeccable!  This perfect primer preps and brightens eyelids to guarantee ultra-vibrant color that lasts all day!  Its smooth, effortless application dries to a clear finish and keeps eyeshadow from creasing.  Once you try Fergie's secret, you'll never want to go back!  Don't worry, you can thank her later."


  • Saw this at my Walgreen's for $4.99, so I grabbed it. Plus it's from Fergie's line!
  • As all primer claims, this claims your shadow won't crease, it will last all day and will prep your lids for the eye shadow. Will this save me from buying an Urban Decay eye primer?
  • NOPE! I want a primer that goes on smooth; goes on almost clear or less white on the lids, and not tacky at all.
  • This was tacky to the feel that I was kinda dragging my skin to even out the cream white color of this primer! I was hoping as I keep spreading the primer it would go on clear but it just got patchy  on my lids!
  • I am having dry skin problems this past few weeks and this just exaggerated all the dry skin by my eyes! I guess you can say it doesn't have that nice creamy texture it claims.
  • This did not meet my expectations at all and so it went back to Walgreen's!

Wet n' Wild H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

"Perfect for a day at the beach or all night on the town, this eyeliner is your secret to staying beautiful all day and all night. This long-lasting, smudge-proof and water-proof formula uses a felt tip brush to create a precise, eye defining line."

I totally forgot to take a picture of this before I returned it so here's a picture from the Walgreen's website. . .

from Walgreen's website

  • Bought this at my Walgreen's for $2.99, originally $3.99.
  • I needed a new brown liquid eye liner since my Jordana brown Fabu-liner had dried out. And since this one is on sale I grabbed one to see how it works!
  • I love the felt tip on this liner! It's pretty sturdy and easy to use!
  • The formula of the liner is easy to put on BUT when it sets it is not going anywhere!
  • It stayed on all day even after a good sweaty work out which I liked!
  • When I was taking off my eye make-up, it was a different store. This was not easy to come off!
  • Just like the matte liquid lipstick, it was stuck there like paint that I had to pick the remaining liner close to my lashes with my finger nail! 
  • For waterproof eye makeup, I use a cotton pad soaked in coconut oil or massage Argan balm on my eyes to get all the mascara, black liner, brow gel, etc. all off. That usually does the job, but with this liner OMG! I have to go over my eyes with a q-tip or pick with my finger nail!
  • I might try the regular liquid liner since I really like the felt tip on this and how smooth it was applying it on.

They may not have met my expectancies and failed to do what they claim to do but we all have different skin types and these products may work on you differently. Of course not all beauty products will work on everyone either and it's all a trial and error here which is the adventure we take as we go try out these products!

Some of you might have used or is using one of the products above and loves it, unfortunately it just didn't work out for me. I am still a big fan of Wet n' Wild there are still so many products in their line I need to try!

Hope you all having a gorgeous evening!
I'll see you all on my next post!

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