February 28, 2013

FNO2013 in the US: Forever Gone

Yesterday Fashion Night Out have sent out a newsletter, posted on their Facebook website and on their website: http://fashionsnightout.com/  - that this event will only be continuing internationally and is officially in hiatus here in the US.

Although I have only gone the last two years to this event and have seen how this was going down the hill, I am not all surprised they have decided to not continue it anymore here in the US, especially here in NY.

Last year was the worst FNO event I think just from the news the next day after. It was embarrassing to see how the headlines of this awesome one night of shopping, fashion and celebrity meet-ups turn into a loud, rowdy block party in New York. Here's the link to that awful headliner: http://ny.racked.com/archives/2012/09/10/is_fashions_night_out_dangerous.php
That's only one out of a few that the local websites have posted about FNO2012. I'm sure if you Google some more you will find a few more, but I do not really want to give them anymore negativity since I do love this event. 

I am a little bit heartbroken and yet I do understand why - besides the reason they have given us!

There are tons of events around that goes on during Fashion Week, we all just need to look around more. Such as:

- Check the stores you like and see if they have any special events for their loyal customers! 
- Also check the local fashion websites or local news in your area and they might have a list of what upcoming events are going on!
- Don't forget about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which can be buzzing with tons of info straight from the consumers or companies themselves!
- Just keep an eye out from all the fashion sites, local newspapers and social media few weeks before and you should be able to find at least one event you can go to.

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