February 8, 2013

Duane Street Hotel Bloggers Lounge Event

As most of you fashionistas out there know, yesterday was the beginning of New York's Fashion Week. A lot of events and activities around the city are going on for Fashion Week, and for us girls who didn't get any invitation to see any runway shows, one of them is the Duane Street Hotel Bloggers Lounge for all fashion and beauty bloggers! It's an event that ran from Feb.7-10 that gets beauty and fashion bloggers to have a chance to meet and greet with participating fashion and beauty companies.   

I actually saw this event posted on Per-fekt's Facebook Page since they are one of the featured companies to the event. As a big fan of Per-fekt, I always check their page too for any sample giveaways and sales *per-fekt stalker fan!*
Unfortunately when I got there yesterday, Per-fekt was not scheduled to be there until Saturday! On the bright side I got to meet some lovely ladies who had really awesome accessories that are fun and stylish!
First off was the awesome girls from Style House PR that had a table full of feathers for your hair! I am so into accessorizing my hair especially with fun colorful feather hair extensions from Fine Featherheads! "The innovators of the Original Feather Hair Extension."
You can style the feather extension just like your own hair; curl it, wash it or keep it straight! It's a nice pop of color to the hair with the bright color choices they have!
I forgot to take pictures while she did one on my hair but I'll insert an Instagram picture and don't forget to click here to check their website!
follow them on Instagram: stylehousePR 
Not only they sell feather for your hair but they also had those fun colorful chalk hairs for those days you have a girls night in or out! Or if you're going to an awesome fun party. These chalks do get messy and what Ali, from Style House PR, suggested to wear an old shirt while doing this. Check out Fine Featherheads website for more tips, products and how-to videos! Or their Facebook page, here!

Next table was from Cultures of Love and I got to chit chat with Miss Evie Phillips, the CEO/ founder of Cultures Of Love!
To explain this clearly and not mislead any of you about this, click here for the link to their Facebook page that has a good description under their About page.

On the table were an awesome tote bag with tribal pattern and silver hardware and an OMG an iPad holder clutch (which was my favorite of all!) in the same pattern with a gold hardware designed by Aimee Kestenberg; a colorful beaded bracelet with badass silver spikes on them, she calls it her 'Love Posse bracelets' by Marcella Leone (which I forgot to take a pic again! *got too excited being my first blog event!), and awesome necklaces (shown on the picture below) from Eva Shaw Designs. They are a gold and white stone drap necklace, and a black diamond necklace.
I told her that I recently just started with my blog and I was hoping to get more incite with the blogging industry from this event. I told her though I love love love all the featured products she brought to the event but my blog mostly focuses on my search for the best beauty, face and make-up, products out there. She told me the best advice being a new blogger and that was to be the blogger that is an expert on one thing than to tackle every aspect of fashion, hair , nails and make-up. And to quote what my husband said after I told him this was "You definitely don't want to be the jack of all trades, master of none." - I will dwell on this more on my next blog for now let's focus on the event!

by Eva Shaw Designs
On her table were awesome handcrafted jeweries from Eva Shaw Designs, love posse bracelets from Marcella Leone and such pretty handbags from Aimee Kestenberg! And she was all giving this away with an instagram contest that will last until Sunday. So stop by now at Duane Street Hotel Bloggers Lounge and join in the giveaway! These pieces are so one-of-a-kind, stylish and just awesome!
it's an iPad clutch!
 bag by Aimee Kestenberg

by Aimee Kestenberg

On the second floor, Kembrel set a pop-up shop! Kembrel is an online boutique based from Philadelphia that features different independent, local designers. So if you want to have a nice statement, one-of-a-kind piece in your closet, you must check out their site!
That was exciting and I forgot to go back and get a piece from a few of the products they brought. No worries since we can all shop on their online site, here!

So if you guys are in New York and not bothered by the snow and wind, go check out the Bloggers Lounge at Duane Street Hotel. Hey if this weather gets worse what's worse than checking in at a nice posh hotel in Tribeca?!? According to Duane Street Hotels Facebook the event will be going on until Sunday 10am-6pm!  

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