February 20, 2013

Bauble Bar Pop-Up Shop

so i just recently found out about Baublebar: which is actually an online shopping website of accessories. They also have a physical store in NYC but for now you can find them at their pop-up shop in Meatpacking District, 344 W 14th St (at 9th Ave). They will be there until Mar.3rd! So if you're in NY, don't forget to check them out since they have tons of awesome jewelries out there!

I have not bought anything from their online store yet but I see after signing up you get $10 off with your first purchase online, and you get points every time you shop and use your points later on for your next purchase.
I'll insert a pic of the card they included in my bag that shows for every 10 points = $1 in baublebar credit. You can read more about this on their website under "The Vault" which I guess what they call their rewards points program(?)

Looking for a nice statement necklace? They have tons of choices for you! An awesome chunky bracelet or skinny ones to layer for some arm candy? They got tons of those too! Earrings, rings and personalized necklaces: they got it!

I think I was there for an hour and would've been there longer if I didn't tell myself: "I am just here for a statement necklace...and maybe a bracelet or two!"

Nevada Crescent Bib $36
bracelets $15, watch from QVC
I wasn't really sure what I wanted: neon, gold, rose gold, silver, colored gems and so on. What's great about this shop is I can try out the necklaces and bracelets on, check myself out on the full size mirrors on both sides of the stores and see how it looks on me. The girls at Bauble Bar are very helpful with anything you need. If you're looking for a particular piece not in the store, they can help you order it online!
 Looking for a different color, they can check that for you! Their gorgeous pieces are individually packaged in a nice black velvet fabric pouch. Prices are not what you expect. They're actually pretty affordable and could range from $10-$75 from what I saw in their store. If you go on their website and Facebook they do have deals happening for more bargains, and as you shop more you get to use your "Vault" points for future purchases! 

this is what I got in my box! not bad for FREE!
Before you do leave the shop, don't forget to leave your e-mail with them and you get to pick one of their "Hello Gorgeous" boxes with a surprise inside! 

I'd definitely need to check this site more, and probably go back to the pop-up store and buy some more. I'm a total accessory fiend and I can't help it when my name is all over that hot pink beaded chunky necklace or that emerald jewel cocktail ring! Could you?!?

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