February 13, 2013

Battle of the Hair Ties: Twistband vs Fly Ties

I have only tried two brands of hair ties. One is very much advertised by the monthly beauty box subscription company, Birchbox, which are the Twistband hair ties, and the other one is by Fine Featherheads called Fly Ties.

This was so much talked about in the Youtube world, after receiving it in one of their monthly Birchbox. It claims this will not leave a crease on your hair after putting it up on a ponytail, no tangled hairs and how it looks so chic on your wrist compared to a regular Goody hair tie!
During the time I was subscribed to Birchbox, I did get to try one of these hair ties from Twistband. I was very excited to get one and finally try it before I give in on the hype and get me a bunch of it! Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the Twistband hair ties. I had pretty long thick hair at the time and after one use, it lost elasticity! It never went back to it's original shape, nice and thick like the pic above shows, after one use! So when I wear it on my wrist it looks like I tied a piece of fabric on my wrist, and it didn't really look nice. I kept using it for a while to see maybe I just need to adjust to it but I was only wearing it around the house since the one I got was an orange color with lace print hair tie and after stretching it out a few times it just looks like an orange and white fabric on my wrist and hair and all twisted up - not really pretty! 
After that month, I see how this hair tie starts to trend and is expanding! I see Sephora has their own hair tie line, I see it in Walgreen's, I'm not sure what brand - BUT I was not about to buy any of them because I see how this is just a joke! I can find my own piece of fabric, tie a knot and use it as a hair tie - that's how I felt what Twistband made me feel about this line of hair ties! 

Until recently at the Duane Street Hotel Bloggers Lounge I got introduced to the brand Fine Featherheads who are the original in feather hair extensions, these are awesome and very pretty by the way, you should check it out! So the girls from the Bloggers Lounge have included a set of the Fine Featherheads line of hair ties, called "Fly Ties", in my goodie bag . They claim the same thing which are no crease on the hair, no tangles and it looks stylish on the wrist with it's nice wide band. I was skeptical but I was not about to just put this all the way in the back of my drawer without trying! And OMG! I love these Fly Ties! It kept it shape and elasticity! I have been putting my hair up on a ponytail on and off for a week now with one of these Fly ties and the shape, the hold, the wide band is all still there! Plus the ends were not coming off unlike the Twistband. This Fly Ties are pretty sturdy and truly proves its claims. 

I still am skeptical with other brands coming out with their own line of hair ties out there but the only way to know if they work or not is to try them out. For now I will stick with my Fly Ties and highly recommend it to everyone if you want to try out these crease free ties. 

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