March 5, 2013

February 2013 Favorites

Let's start off with a non-beauty product for my February Favorite List (try saying that five times really fast!) =) change things up a bit!

1- Argo Tea in Green Tea Ginger Twist: This loose leaf green tea has ginger pieces and lemon in it which smells and tastes so good! I just recently found out the Argo Tea Cafe here in NYC and I was really excited to try their teas. I would have bought more teas but I will be going to a Coffee and Tea Festival in a few weeks so I will hold on until then. But I would definitely come here when I run low of tea.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my cafe lattes and cappuccinos but during the winter months, I just seem to be sipping more teas than coffee. Less calories but still have the caffeine I need!

2- Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter: I have been using this lotion even before I received it in my January Ipsy GlamBag and I am just in love with this scent! Very moisturizing and it is such a plus that a portion of the proceeds support clean water; 100% vegan and cruelty free. See I am even helping in a pretty way! Win win for everyone! Also it's paraben, phthalates, mineral and peanut oil, and artificial color FREE! This surely helps me with my resolution of better, less chemical ingredient products for my skin and body.

3- Nailtini Dry Martini drying spray: I don't know how many times I can say I love Nailtini nail polishes! It goes on so smoothly and it's so much fun to mix and match the different nail lacquers they have and end up with a new nail color! *Nailtini is cruelty free also. Plus formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate free!

This drying spray is just amazing! After a few seconds of putting my top coat on, I spray once on each hands and a nice citrus smell fills the room, a much needed break from all the nail polish smell! It helps the polish dry quicker and gives my polish a nice sheen to it too. I forgot to use this one time and my polish took forever to dry and the top coat bubbled up and I was just watching tv! Never again will I be doing my mani and pedi without this baby! Nailtini is available in Duane Reade store ladies if you can't wait for your online order to come.

4- 100% Pure Lip Glaze in Fig: I stumbled upon this product in Duane Reade while looking for more Milani Color Statement lipsticks (more on that next!). I was super curious how one product is all made of mostly fruits (click here to see the full list of ingredients) and how would the color and moisture holds up compared to other beauty products that also claims natural and/or organic (yes they're two different things) that has not been really impressing me and not giving my lips enough moisture. And lo-behold this lip glaze has been my go-to lip product in February! It's very moisturizing and non-drying at all with this crazy winter weather! I am definitely going to be stocking up on more of these lip glazes since I only bought this one product. I am not sure what are the ingredients in their foundations and eye shadows but I will definitely go buy me some of that to test it out.

5- Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Plum Rose (17): This paraben free and has Vit. A, C and E lipstick claims to keep lips moisturized. This was very talked about in the beauty blog sites and Youtube beauty channels that I just had to try it out myself. I have never tried any Milani products before since I didn't think a drugstore brand that is pretty affordable will be paraben free and has Vit. A, C and E in it, will really do what it claims. Milani has proven me wrong and this is a great lipstick to have in your collection. It is just a lipstick and will not leave a nice stain on your lips and will definitely transfer to your coffee cup. It will also do come off when you do eat and drink. I have no problem applying it once in a while throughout the day because it feels like a lip balm on my lips, and it doesn't have that drying feeling when it do fades.

6- MicaBeauty gel eyeliner in Black: I received this gel eyeliner in my February Ipsy Glambag, which I will review next! I have only tried the Shiseido gel eyeliner in black and I mostly use a felt tip liquid eyeliner when I'm in a hurry. But this eyeliner I have been using mostly everyday, even on weekends to run errands since it is so easy to apply, dries fast and doesn't smudge n' budge all day! Glad I was able to try this since I don't think I will be buying this again for $35-30 from their website but then again it's a mineral makeup. The price to pay for a better ingredient list makeup.

7- Benefit They're Real Mascara: With all the hype from friends and online since this came out, I had to try it myself since all my mascara samples dried out and was not up to par with my lash needs, so I went to go purchase myself one at Ulta . I am truly amazed how this nicely separates and elongates every lash! It still has that nice natural look to it so it is not that harsh to wear during the daytime. For night, I just add two or more coats on my lashes to give it more drama. It is a truly impressive mascara that might be hard to beat when I run out of this product.

8- Fly Ties by Fine Featherheads: I have written a separate review on this here and this has not dissappointed me! I still am using the same band from that first day I took it out of the package. The elasticity is still there and it holds my hair with no tangles while I work out which is great! And of course no crease at all on my hair afterwards. I super highly recommend this brand if you are looking into getting one of these hair ties that is quickly trending everywhere, because they're not all the same!

February might have been short and sweet but it was a great month for finding products that are free of hormone disrupting chemicals such as parabens and phthalates. I am still also learning what is good and not for my skin as I try new products out there. I am just being careful not to try all these new products all at once so not to irritate my skin and get a different reaction from it. I am trying to keep the factors of my tests as minimal as possible so it is true to products claims.

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