August 9, 2017

M•A•C Dazzleglass

M•A•C Dazzleglass is a collection that "...dazzles with light and brings an exciting dimensional pop to your lips."

M•A•C Dazzleglass

"Large particle pearls reflect to mimic the brilliance of quartz and opal crystals. Provides exceptional shine with a crystalline iridescence."

Comes in 16 different shades that can be worn alone or on top of your favorite lipstick. It has a non-sticky, non-tacky, lightweight and moisturizing formula. It also has the signature M•A•C vanilla aroma.

Instead of a doe-foot applicator that we usually see with liquid lipsticks and other glosses, this comes with a brush applicator, which makes it easy to layer over other lip colors. The pearl particles reflect light and create dimension. 

Here I have three of the sixteen shades:
Money, Honey | Rags to Riches | Date Night
The camera wasn't picking up the true colors of these glosses when I swatched it on my arm, so I used a piece of white paper to show the shades if this was worn alone.

If you're asking why do one need sixteen different glosses when they're all the same when applied on the lips. That may be true but the different colored pearls that is in these glosses actually brings out the blues or reds or pinks or purples of the lipstick shade your wearing. I'll show you with each gloss below what lip product I paired it with.

Money, Honey is a rosy mauve shade with red/pink pearls. Here I paired it with Jeffree Starr Velour Liquid Lipstick in Androgyny. This lip shade was too dark for this gloss that you really can see the pearls even from two-feet away. I want the gloss to help bring out the vibrancy of the lipstick as you see in the next lip combo I did...

Pairing Money, Honey on top of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics LipTar in Anime, which is a neon pink shade. It made my lips look more vibrant like from neon to electric pink! This lip color combination worked really well so if you love to wear a lot of pink lipsticks, check out this gloss.

Rags to Riches is a cool-toned pink gloss with teal and pink pearls. I really like this gloss on top of my nude lipsticks but these glosses were difficult to apply on top of lipsticks with creamy, satin finish. The gloss moves the lipstick around as I apply it with the brush applicator which was frustrating hence I kept using lip products here with a matte finish. 

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid lipstick in Beeper is a warm brown shade which is a dark nude color for most. Adding Rags to Riches on top of this turned this deep nude to my perfect my-lips-but-better nude color!

Date Night is a deep plum gloss with blue-purple pearls. This would be the gloss I would wear alone a lot since I love any berry tinted lip balms, glosses or lipsticks.

I applied this gloss on top Jordana Easy Lipliner in Plush Plum + Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Venom since that is all in the plum-shade family, I thought it would go perfectly well with my other plum products, and it did!

Overall the M•A•C Dazzleglass glosses are not so bad. It's moisturizing on the lips, smells great with its vanilla aroma, and looks great alone or on top of lipsticks.
This probably would not be my go-to everyday gloss as it does give the lips that very wet look, which looks great on photos, but it's not a look I want to go for all the time. These also feel different compared to the Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer lipglosses. Those feel more like an oil-based lip balm while these do feel like a lipgloss that has a slight tackiness to it. I don't mind the slight tacky feel of it, since that helps to keep the lipstick from fading. There's a bit of transfer but I don't have to re-touch as much if I wore the other lipgloss.

Will you be grabbing one of these?

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