July 25, 2017

Urban Decay Naked HEAT Palette

I was seeing this all over my Twitter; my Instagram and my Facebook feeds.
I knew I wanted this palette since it came out, and not because of all the hype - I don't get affected by that. I knew I needed to have this palette once I saw the mix of coppers, burgundies, and purple shades. All these warm shades just complements my skin tone really well, and I could visualize tons of different looks with it from day-to-night, simple-to-sultry, all matte-to-all metallic eye looks. It's a palette that I could wear all year long!
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is for you.

URBAN DECAY Naked HEAT palette
$54.00 | Sephora | Macy's | Nordstrom | Ulta 

The beautiful plastic copper color packaging is a bit bulky for traveling but looks gorgeous on my makeup vanity. The cover is designed to look like you're looking at a hot sunset through a louvered window. Just from that description alone, you know this is a well thought out palette from the Urban Decay team!

Inside there's a mirror on one side and the 12 eyeshadows on the other, and this includes a double sided eyeshadow brush. 

Here are the shade descriptions according the the Urban Decay website, from the lightest in the palette to the darkest:

OUNCE | shimmery ivory shade
CHASER | matte light nude
SAUCED | matte soft-terracotta
LOW BLOW | matte brown
LUMBER | shimmery copper with gold pearl
HE DEVIL | matte burnt red
DIRTY TALK | metallic burnt red
SCORCHED | metallic deep red with gold micro-shimmer 
CAYENNE | matte deep terra-cotta
EN FUEGO | matte burgundy shade
ASHES | matte deep reddish-brown
*ASHES looks more like a matte deep purple shade to me than reddish-brown. See swatch below

EMBER | deep metallic copper-burgundy

Just like the other UD Naked palettes, this has great pigmentation. I did have some fallouts mostly with the matte shadows. So tap those brushes after dipping in the pan and before application. Or you can do your eye makeup first before the rest of your face if you like.

Some may say that this palette is missing a matte black or a matte ivory eyeshadow but you actually don't need those when you are creating a look with just this palette. The deep purple shade, ASHES, complements the shadows here better than a matte black shadow. I think a matte black would just make the look muddy than having a nice blended eye makeup.
ASHES when I applied it on though wasn't as pigmented as my swatch here. I have been using this shade to line my eyes and I do have to wet my brush to get that really dark purple color on the lids.

I actually just leave my brow bone bare, so I don't mind not having a matte ivory shadow when I use this palette. When I use CHASER, which is a matte nude shade, I make sure I apply this all over my lids and brow bone after I have applied my eyeshadow primer. That is pretty much the only color on my brow bone.

Overall, this has to be one of my favorite palettes, out of all the palettes I have from different beauty brands. Urban Decay never disappoints when it comes to the pigmentation of their shadows, and the range of colors, and the mix of mattes and shimmers in their palettes are all you really need to make tons of different looks. It's really refreshing not to use any black eyeshadow or liner when I wear any look from this palette.

I'm sure you have seen tons of different makeup looks on YouTube and Instagram using this palette, but I will try to share my own looks either on my Instagram and/or YouTube.

So, do you see yourself wearing any of the shadows in the UD Naked Heat palette?
Do you think it's a color palette that you would wear a lot besides your current favorite shadows?

You can shop the rest of the collection here:


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