December 21, 2016

Giorgio Beverly Hills® GLAM

I usually don't talk about perfumes here on my blog. I am no expert with describing scents or explaining the different notes of a fragrance. Perfumes are such a personal choice that's why I usually don't suggest any. BUT there are some exceptions since there are some scents and fragrances that most of us can agree on such as Viktor&Rolf's Flowerbomb - which was such a blogger favorite! I never heard of this brand before until I saw tons of YouTubers and bloggers talk about this perfume! And who did not wear CK One back in the 90's? If Kate Moss, the coolest chic in the 90's was wearing CK One, why not us too, right?!

So here's another perfume that just newly launched this month, that could define this era/ generation/ year/ decade. Maybe I'm exaggerating there but I hope you do check it out before you dismiss this non-designer brand called,
Giorgio Beverly Hills® GLAM

About the brand
Fine Fragrance Mist Spray in 8.0 oz/236 mL - $9.99
*All prices are manufacturer’s suggested retail prices in US dollars.

In 1981, Giorgio Beverly Hills® burst onto the scene with its bold, timeless fragrance of the same name to celebrate the luxurious, one-of-a-kind Beverly Hills experience. Described by some as the ‘scent of the century’ it was worn by the famous and fashionable.  Now, in celebration of its 35
th anniversary, the iconic brand unveils the new Giorgio Beverly Hills® Glam and announces Emmy-Award winner Julianne Hough, a true triple-threat in the worlds of film, television, and music, as the face of the Giorgio Beverly Hills® Fragrances.

Giorgio Beverly Hills® Glam is an undeniably bold combination of white florals infused with sensuous amber and sandalwood. With bright, sparkling notes, the scent embodies the instantly recognizable glitz and glamour of California’s most famous fashion street. Extravagant and empowering, Giorgio Beverly Hills® Glam is a long-lasting scent that will linger on the skin. 

TOP The fragrance opens with a sparkling burst of Solar Magnolia, Wild Cyclamen and Spring Peony.

MID In the heart, lush Summer Plum is infused with an irresistible bouquet of Iris and Jasmine Sambac for feminine luxury.

BASE At the base, White Heliotrope and Golden Labdanum flirt with warm Sandalwood and Amber notes to evoke a sensuous finish that will linger even after she’s gone.

With an elegant and striking shape, the Giorgio Beverly Hills® Glam bottle takes prestige and extravagance to a new level.  The glamorous gem-like bottle and cap channel the confidence and sophistication of the Giorgio Beverly Hills® lifestyle.
The purple and pink ombrĂ© design speaks to modern glamour while the gold accents give a nod to the brand’s luxurious lifestyle. Both vibrant and chic, the Giorgio Beverly Hills® Glam bottle is a perfect standout on the vanity of any woman who wants to create her own Rodeo Drive moment.

My Thoughts
Overall, I really like this perfume. I never thought I would be wearing this "airy", sweet perfume in the Winter but I have noticed myself grabbing for this lately! It's not an overly sweet perfume that you may get sick of the scent after an hour. This is definitely a perfume that I can wear every single day and do feel excited every time I do spray this on me. There is something about this perfume, that actually puts me in a good mood. Some perfumes makes you feel sexy, playful, this ones gives me that nice boost of energy to smile, and be in a good mood (before coffee!).

It does linger on my clothes all day, and the scent is the same as when I sprayed it a few hours earlier. I don't spray perfumes on my skin directly since my skin will instantly react to it.

It is hard to just take my word for it, since my taste is different from yours, and
 I know it's hard to buy a perfume online without testing it out in a store, but just like any stores, have a Return Policy so if it's not your type, simply return it.

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