November 25, 2016

eShakti Fall Style

Have you ever purchased clothes online and even in-store that looks almost perfect on you, if only they just made it shorter or a little bit tighter in the waist/ hip area? And even if the fit was off, you still buy it because you can just get that altered later, but it's actually been years and the same dress or pants is still in your closet. Don't worry, it happens to me all the time!
Comes in eShakti - to have thought of a way to get your dresses, pants, skirts or tops to you in not just your size but in your exact measurements!
I was very curious about this as it is all done online, and all measurements were done by myself.
Will this really fit me perfectly? I'm not a seamstress, so doing my own measurements kinda scares me - will they be right when I receive my order? I definitely had my doubts on how this will work out.
Keep reading to see how it worked out for me when I ordered the gorgeous dress below!

about the brand

eShakti gives their customers the choice to get clothes made to their size, height and style. They customize the neckline, sleeves and length for you. They have a variety of collection from dresses, party dresses, pants, tops, coats for women.

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Here are some of my favorite items from their website (

This Tie Neck Leaf Print Crepe Shirtdress is perfect for the Fall. You have a choice of 2 other necklines, 4 sleeve types and 6 length options for this dress. I don't think I would change much to the design of this dress. I would just add a leather jacket and tall boots to this look to give it some edge.

This Cutout Pleat Neck Chiffon Top, is a nice casual top that can be customized to 4 other sleeve types and 3 other lengths. I would probably choose the raglan elbow length sleeves instead of the long sleeves seen on the model, and have this mid-thigh length and wear this with leggings or skinny jeans. 

For the item I picked to style is this
Cotton Check Belted Maxi Shirtdress
I unfortunately cannot find this anymore on their site but this dress, 
Cotton Chambray Maxi Shirtdress is pretty similar to the style of this one.
From the picture above, I customized my dress by opting for a shirt collar neckline, bracelet length sleeves and mid-calf length.  I also gave them my measurements: shoulder, chest, bust, under bust, waist, hip, upper arm and length of arm. The illustrations on how to measure were very helpful since I've never really measured my shoulders nor the length of my arm before.
 After putting my order in, the dress came within two weeks from India!
 I of course, tried it on right away. The fit was perfect! 
My top concern was the waist and hip. I was concerned if I gave them very exact measurements that it might button up too tight on me or have a bulge in the hip area. The dress fit like I was measured by a seamstress since it wasn't too lose or too tight anywhere! It was very comfy to wear. I included pockets on this dress too.
I love that this a 100% cotton shirtdress which makes it more comfortable to wear. 
 I wanted to challenge myself to see how else I would style a dress like this hence give it more of my style than just letting the dress wear me, and so another way I'd wear this is wearing it like a light coat for the Fall with a thick scarf since my neck gets really cold easily in the Fall/Winter days, and so a scarf is a must.
 The dress came with a skinny belt, but I chose for a wider belt for my outfit since it matches the all black underneath. My only con about this dress are the buttons. They are hard to button and un-button so I may later change the buttons.

Overall, the customized measurements from eShakti has impressed me! I'm curious how a customized top or pants or another dress style from them will fit me.

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