March 18, 2016

Luminess AirSupremacy Airbrush Makeup

We always hope for a super smooth makeup finish when we do our makeup but of course our skin have it's bad and good days, so that doesn't happen all the time. Stepping up the makeup game here, a lot of brands have come out with their own airbrush foundation and blushers which gives you that close to flawlessness look!
I have never tried any airbrush makeup before until this opportunity came and now I'm ready to share you my thoughts on the
Luminess AirSupremacy Foundation and Blush

 The Luminess AirSupremacy collection is the first to have the full-line of spray-on cosmetics. From spray-on foundation, blush, tattoo and body concealer to body shimmer.
It sprays in ultra-low pressure to create that micro-mist that falls gently into the skin.
Our water-based formulas use ultra-low pressure technology to provide the lightest delivery of coverage. As you push down on the nozzle, mineral-based pigments encapsulated in water are propelled into a fine mist which naturally feathers out upon contact with skin. This results in a fine layer of coverage which uses 10x less makeup than traditional water-based formulas.
AirSupremacy’s formulas started from its roots in airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup is so effective due to its ability to rest on the skin without settling in the creases and pores. This uniqueness makes for a lighter foundation that uses up to 10x less makeup and allows you to build your coverage to your desired level.

If you're interested in trying out this airbrush makeup-in-a-bottle products I have a
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Here's a video from my YouTube Channel: FiveTwo Beauty 
using the Luminess AirSupremacy foundation

My Thoughts

First impression: When using the airbrush makeup, do not wear your outfit for the day until after you finish your makeup. I have learned the hard way and had to cover myself with a towel so it doesn't continue to stain my dress.

It is so convenient to have this in a bottle since you won't need an airbrush kit to start! 
This airbrush bottle, sprays a bit messy and got all over my hairline and exaggerated my under eye wrinkles, which I pointed out on the video, so I always have my makeup sponge ready to blend the foundation afterwards. 

The foundation finish is beautiful! It made my skin looked really smooth and it feels lightweight on the skin. The rest of my makeup blended really well on top of it. 

I received the blush in Natural which did not show much on my medium skin tone, maybe on a fair skin tone this would look beautiful but on me it doesn't show up much. This has a nice pink undertone to it which would give you a nice "natural flush on the cheeks" look.

Overall, I love how convenient these are as I don't need to buy the airbrush kit to use it. It's so fun to shake the airbrush bottle like I'm about do some graffiti painting but it's actually just applying my foundation. The smooth finish look is one I don't think you can achieve with regular liquid and cream foundations with a makeup brush or makeup sponge. 

These kind of makeup application is great on pictures, less to no editing is needed!

Have you tried any airbrush makeup?
Do you have a technique when applying airbrush makeup, I would love to get some tips!

*I have received these products for testing purposes. Products and some information used on this post were provided for Press Release. All opinions stated on this post are 100% mine. Please see the Disclosure Policy tab for full information.

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