November 23, 2015

Context Skin

When the weather changes, your skincare routine must change as well is what the "rule" or what some beauty articles have told us. This rule helped with my skin indeed! As my skin was becoming drier in the Winter, I went for a heavier moisturizer and a creamier, moisturizing face wash. For the Spring/Summer days when my skin was having an oily T-zone, I went for a light weight face wash, oil-free sunscreen and aloe based moisturizer. This rule can be expensive since you have to buy two sets of skincare products. I have put to test the
Context Skin products
to see if they can break this skincare cycle.

About the brand

Context Skin is a new unisex skincare brand based in New York City. Their products are hypoallergenic, appropriate for all skin types, dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, paraben-, sulfate- and pthlalate-free. They DO NOT test on animals and all products are made in the U.S.A.
Their products have anti-aging formulas that harness antioxidants, rich botanical oils and natural herbal extracts leaving the skin smooth, hydrated and refreshed. 

Their website just launched last September and have already been featured on Details, Glamour and Garance Dore. They were the official skincare sponsor for Public School's NYFW Spring/Summer 2016 show.

About the products

Micro-Derm Regenerator

A two-in-one cleanser and gentle exfoliator that is formulated with the same crystals in professional microdermabrasion treatments. 

Active Ingredients:
  • macadamia oil - reduce itchiness and inflammation
  • sunflower oil - moisturizing, cell regenerating and conditioning oil
  • jojoba oil - protects, softens and smoothes facial line
  • aluminum oxide crystals - gently exfoliate and smooth skin
  • vitamin A - reduces wrinkles and helps with the production of collagen fibers to minimize fine lines
  • vitamin C - brightens skin and helps build collagen for firmer stronger skin tissue
  • vitamin E - moisturizes skin and stimulates natural cell growth

Restorative Night Cream
A rich concentrated night treatment containing Collagen and Elastin soothes, nourishes and firms skin. Smoothes skin and helps improve moisture retention. Potent antioxidants and herbal extracts protect against future damage from environmental aggressors. Works all night to mend the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Active Ingredients:
  • hydrolyzed collagen and elastin - keeps the connective tissues firm and helps skin hold its shape
  • glycerin and squalene - hydrate and protect skin from moisture loss
  • aloe extract - helps to calm and soothe skin
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E

Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer SPF15
An ultra light, non-greasy oil-free daily moisturizer provides Broad Spectrum Protection 15 against sun damage from UVA and UVB exposure to prevent premature aging. Antioxidants combine with herbal extracts leaving skin smooth, hydrated and protected. It is packed with oil-moderating botanicals that offer both anti-bacterial benefits and intensive hydration. Pores and lines are minimized, leaving a smooth, healthy look. Ideal for oily to normal skin types.
Active Ingredients:
  • shea butter and manuka honey - combine to naturally condition, moisturize and protect the skin throughout the day
  • cinnamon extract - helps sebum production
  • green tea extract - a potent antioxidant that energizes cells and protects the skin from the damaging effect of free radicals 
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E

My Thoughts

I just love the simplicity of their black and white packaging!
I have been using these products since I received them back in September. The weather back then was Summer-hot and humid but the Oil-free Daily Moisturizer kept my T-zone in control. My skin did not feel greasy either, even under makeup. 

I was using the Micro-Derm Regenerator accidentally everyday in the AM and PM but my skin did not get overly dry. I cut it back to using this to just every night since the weather was starting to get cooler and I knew exfoliating everyday would just dry my skin faster. 

I really had no problems of my skin drying out when I used this compared to the recent exfoliant I reviewed earlier this month (dr. brant® poredermabrasion) but for safety I cut back on using this from every night to twice a week lately (and poredermabrasion every Wednesday or once a month!).

After applying my toner, serum, eye creams and Tazorac cream I finish my PM routine with the Restorative Night Cream. This really kept my skin hydrated and by the morning it doesn't give me that greasy-feel on the skin either. My skin has that I-just-woke-up-and-yes-my-skin-really-looks-that-great glow! 

I just realized now while writing this post, what the active ingredients in these products are, and made so much sense now on why my skin has been looking better and my skin feeling smoother! I do still have some minor dry skin problems (around my nose) but that's from blowing my nose.

Yes, I still am using these products now the weather has dropped below 50degrees and my skin is still great and coping with the cold weather with no problem! I think if you find the right skincare products, there really is no need to be changing up your skincare routine every time the weather changes.

*Products and some information used on this post were provided for Press Release. All opinions stated on this post are 100% mine. Please see the Disclosure Policy tab for full information.

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