May 19, 2015

my first Motives products

Motives cosmetics has been all over Social Media, from the inspiring makeup looks on Instagram and Pinterest to fashion beauty magazines, and so I was very excited to try out some of their products and share with you all my thoughts. 

About the brand
Motives by Loren Ridinger is the world leader in the customized cosmetics industry. They are top-of-the-line in cosmetics with affordable pricing. They have proprietary formulas that is easy to apply and complements every skin tone. Through magazines and websites, the Motives brand is exposed to over 90 million consumers worldwide with loyal celebrity following as well.
Loren Ridinger is one of Vogue's Top 100 Most Influential Women; Awarded the Woman of Substance and Style Award. Recognized by Fashion Group International for her contribution to the fashion and beauty industry. Her blog, was named as one of Forbe's Top 100 Websites for Women. And three years in a row she was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Business Leader Magazine.
Motives also has an education and training program. Courses in makeup application and business building done by experienced Motives Beauty Advisors. And also a Pro Program for makeup artists.

About the products
2015 seems to be the year of face contouring as every cosmetic brand have their own contouring products coming out. So I was curious to try the Motives 
 As advertised in Elle magazine this is a contour compact with an easy how-to follow application of the powder formula.

Motives 3-in-1 Contour, Bronze, Highlight Kit and Cheek Contour Brush

This is a universal kit that can be used by the lightest to medium to tanned skin tones. The finely milled powder has creamy-like texture to it that it's so easy to blend and build to your liking as well. 

shades from L-R: Contour - Bronze - Highlght

I love using this kit!  All three shades have a matte finish.The Contour shade comes off really subtle on my medium skin tone and it's so blendable so no harsh contour lines at all. The Bronze shade is great to use alone if I just want to warm up my face and as a transitional shade on the lids. The Highlight doesn't do much on my face so I just use it on my lids and as an eyebrow highlight. I prefer a bit of shimmer on my highlight anyways, and so I use the next product for that.

A warm toned bronzer with a natural looking sunkissed look with shimmer infused gold. 
This shade really makes your skin glow and shimmer. This would look great while I am working on a tan this Summer. This is very sparkly so I use this with a big powder brush all over the face and body for a nice subtle golden glow. When I use this as a cheekbone highlight, I try to keep everything else minimal because of the sparkle this has- bright lips and winged liner with mascara, and you can look like you just came from a beach vacation!

Miami Glow Pressed Powder
This picture does not do justice on how beautiful this product is and the golden shimmers in it!
When the light hits your skin, the glow from this pressed powder gives you that beautiful healthy golden glow. Your skin shimmers and it's not that chunky glitter shimmer.

This is a primer, a lip base and treatment all in one. It keeps your lip product last longer, protects and hydrates your lips as well to keep it younger looking!
This is lighter than the picture below and it does help to even out my dark pigmented lips. Just like using an eye primer it helps to brighten the shade of your lipstick. I know this adds another step to your routine and I admit I sometimes forget to use this so I have kept this in my makeup bag so if I touch up mid-day I can use this so my lipstick last until I get home.

A creamy formula that evens out the complexion of your lids. This will help your eyeshadow to last longer, look brighter and not crease.

This is so creamy and it's so easy to apply. I use a flat brush to apply it on my lips so it goes on evenly. This is great to use if you want to intensify those bright, colorful eyeshadows.

Overall, I did not think I would be into contouring but the Motives 3-in-1 Contour, Bronze, Highlight Kit makes it so easy! You can never over do it either because of it's easy-to-blend formula. I love the Miami Glow Pressed Powder as well just to give me that golden glow all over. I love the idea of a lip primer but I would prefer it to have no color at all than this light cream shade since it changes the shade of the lipstick I'm wearing on top of it. It definitely brightens the shade but if you're wearing a dark shade it will turn it into a bright color. I like the eye base, it comes in this glass jar and applies really smooth and creamy and has no sparkles in it at all. I do have a favorite eye base primer already but I will consider this when I need to purchase one in the future.

I am very interested to try out more from Motives, and if you follow them on 
you'll see amazing makeup looks, very inspiring, colorful makeup done by such talented makeup artists.  
If you're interested in purchasing or just to check out more products from Motives, click on the links below:

Have you tried anything from Motives cosmetics? What do you suggest I try next?

*These products were sent to me for a product review but all opinions are 100% mine. 

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