January 13, 2015

a natural flush from a blush!

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I have read and watched beauty reviews on blushes and always have a huge question mark on my face when they say, "This is a great shade if you just want that natural finish on your cheeks...". I thought you put blush to give you those rosy cheeks look? To add some color to your face, why do you want a natural finish on your cheeks?? I did not understand this statement until this blush came to my doorstep.
Paula Dorf Cheek Color in Passion

About the product

Paula Dorf Cosmetics created this high quality, long wearing and easy to use color cosmetic line designed for every women. The Cheek Color blushes have an extraordinary staying power that gives a nice, soft translucent glow on the cheeks. 

The shade, Passion, is this warm pink shade that has a satin finish.

My Thoughts

I lean towards peach shade blushes with gold undertones to it. I always feel like pink shades will just accentuate my acne scars, and so sometimes I even just wear a highlighter or use the gold toned blush just to highlight my cheekbones. When I saw this blush, I was excited to try it out since it's not shimmery and has a warmer tone to it that I think will compliment my yellow skin undertone really well.

This definitely gave me that natural flush on the cheek - color! Once you put on your foundation and concealer and powder, your natural rosy cheeks do not show up on top of all that layers, and so there are blush shades out there that will give you that "natural rosy cheeks" for everyday wear.

 This is not super pink that it looks so un-natural or almost clown-like blush. This blends really well if you over do it, which can happen if you are heavy handed with your brush since this is a very pigmented product.

For my everyday makeup look, I have been grabbing this blush. I have used it with a bold lip color or a neutral smokey eye and it is not overpowering to the overall look.

There are tons of other beautiful shades on their website, www.PaulaDorf.com.
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