December 10, 2014

Starting Over Tag

Tagged by my beautiful blog bestie, Lily of Beauty With Lily, here I share to you my top 10 makeup products if ever I need to start over my collection.

Startin Over Must-Haves

Startin Over Must-Haves by j4ckie featuring a black eyeliner

Super-uber worse case scenario, your whole makeup collection just disappears, as in gone! Zilch! Nada! What would be the first 10 makeup products you would go run out to the store or online to buy? Hence the THE STARTING OVER Tag, where I share you mine and you get to share yours as well because I tag you to do this. Let's see how long will you be debating on your list as I did. 

I seriously would first have a huge overly dramatic break down as only beauty bloggers/ beauty lovers would understand. As-in a major emergency retail therapy with my girls before cocktails ASAP will be needed and a box of chocolates and red vino to welcome me home.

After a few years of using makeup now and having tried a ton as a beauty blogger, it definitely took days to finalize this list. The way I looked into making this list was, what would be the products I can say I will be happy with for a long time.

1- theBalm Nude 'tude palette ($36): This is the very first palette I bought and was in-love with it for a long time that I wasn't sure what palette to get next. I am not big with colorful shadows so this neutral palette is enough to give me a day-to-night eye look with a mix of mattes and shimmer shades.

2- Jouer Matte Moisturizing Tint ($38): This has great medium coverage for my acne scars and redness, and keeps my face pretty matte all day.

3- MUFE HD Microfinish Powder ($34): For my T-zone and under the eyes, this is a great finishing powder. The powder is so fine that I don't get any creasing under the eyes when I use this.

4- Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer ($7.99): This is one of my favorites since it really highlights and conceals! 

5- ABH Brow Wiz ($21): This is the best brow pencil out there. I love that the other end is a spoolie also. I only need to fill in the end of my brows and this is great to get that nice point in the end without looking too drawn in.

6- Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($23): I love how this gives me thicker looking lashes. It holds the curl really well too! 

7- Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush ($9.49): I can wear this shade all year long. It's a very moisturizing, long-lasting and no sharpening needed lip product, which is all I look for in a lipstick/ lip gloss/ lip balm, and it's all in this one product! 

8- Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic in Love Is The Drug ($40): There are two shades in this blush and is the perfect everyday shade for me. I love the Light Flex Technology in this blush that I can skip the highlighter. You only need to dab and tap excess from the brush when applying this, it's that pigmented as well! For more about this I reviewed this product, HERE!

9- Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette ($58): I may have just gotten this recently and had other favorite highlighters in the past but this one tops all my highlighting products! It is a finely milled powder and goes on smoothly on the skin and gives you that beautiful "natural" glow, just look at this selfie! (*lol! You like that segway I did there?!?)

And finally!
10- theBalm Schwing ($17): This black liquid eye liner dries matte and has such a fine tip that it's really easy to do a thin or thick winged liner. Of course, I will be needing the best liquid eyeliner out there to sum up my 10!

With those 10, I am done and ready for the day or night! What's great about shopping these days now are the tons of coupons, discount codes and sales at different beauty websites so you can actually get all these products for less! 

So are you up for this challenge? Can you narrow down your makeup favorites to 10?