November 21, 2014

ColourPop Cosmetics Review

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This is going to be a very picture heavy post and less writing as these products can sell for themselves! If you haven't tried these products out, they have great gift sets for the Holidays so start loading up that shopping cart with these budget-friendly, super pigmented, great finishes from
ColourPop Cosmetics

About the company:
Based in California, made in the USA and cruelty friendly makeup. Each shadow and lip product only retails for $5! 
Their shadows come in different finishes like glittery metallics, satin and matte. And their Lippie Pencil and Stix comes in mattes to glossy finishes!

Products come in this beautiful white packaging. The names for each product can be found under the eyeshadow jars. The Lippie Pencils and Stix has it's matching color of the product at one end of the tube with it's name. The Lippie Pencils need to be sharpened while the Lippie Stix are twist up.

ColourPop Lippie Stix + Pencil

Lippie Stix + Pencil Swatches

This is a nude-peach undertone with a glossy finish.
The BFF Lippie Pencil has a deeper shade to it, which I wear by itself. The Lippie Stix is too light for my lips and the glossy finish seems to just move around my lips. 

This is my favorite shade of the four! This is the perfect deep red with a matte finish.
Though it's matte, it does not dry out my lips and it actually stays put all night when used together. It's not a long lasting one but it fades nicely on the lips.

This is a deep plum wine shade with a matte finish.
When applied on my lips, the purple tone of the lippie stix shows more. 

This is a beautiful dark violet in matte finish. This may look black at night or at a dimmed area and during the daytime, the rich grape-violet color can be seen.

Exfoliate and moisturize your lips before wearing any of these deeper shade lip products to get them on smoothly and evenly. The matching pencil helps for the lippie stix to not feather out but for touch ups I only bring the lippie stix with me.

ColourPop Shadows
These shadows have a creamy texture to it. So to not dry these out, make sure the lid is tightly closed. The clear window on top of the lid makes it easier to see the shadow's shade. I have applied this with and without an eye primer and had no creasing problem. I prefer applying them with my finger to get the most of the pigment on my lids. When using a brush I have noticed I need to layer a few times to get the rich color onto my lid.

A beautiful penny-copper with super metallic finish.

A burgundy violet shade with a satin finish.

A black-blue shadow with glitters of blue and gold.

A taupe shadow with a duo chrome metallic finish with gold and pink glitters.

These shadows are great to layer on top of each other, so do not be scared to play around with it and experiment with your look! Here's a look I posted recently using some of these ColourPop Cosmetics:

So go on check out their site already and start shopping!
And then let me know which ones you picked up so I have an idea on what shadows and lippies to get next!

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