October 22, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Quad Palette + Blush Review

A few weeks ago, Charlotte Tilbury finally released her makeup line in the United States.
I had a chance to see a preview, swatch most of her makeup at The Makeup Show NYC last May, and I knew I need to get my hands on some of them! This was something I surely wanted to splurge on and add to my makeup collection.

About the brand:
Charlotte Tilbury is a British makeup artist that has been working in the fashion and beauty industry for more than 20 years. She has worked with a lot big celebrity names, fashion photographers, fashion shows and magazines.
Her Magic Cream is one of her best-sellers and is a celeb favorite. And finally all her products are available here in the United States! Some of the retailers that are selling her products are Beautylish.com, Nordstrom, Nordstrom.com and Bergdorf Goodman...just to name a few.

About the product:
The concept to her makeup line is based on 10 different looks which was inspired by different beautiful women around the world. For example, her Uptown Girl look is inspired by fashionista Olivia Palermo and Naomi Campbell, Dolce Vita is inspired by Sophia Loren and Penelope Cruz. The eyeshadow quads are made to take you from daytime to a night out look by using just four eyeshadows! 
The blush is two toned to swish over the cheeks and pop to apply on the apple of the cheeks.
The eyeshadow and the blush I purchased is from the Vintage Vamp look. It was hard to decide which eyeshadow quad to get as they are all beautiful and wearable for day to night looks! You can check out more of the 9 other looks on her website: CharlotteTilbury.com. All her packaging has that nice vintage, Gatsby Era, feel to it in rose gold- just beautiful!

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Your palette is deep and intense and you adore the richest, most beguiling colours from captivating crimsons to sumptuous rose golds.
A veritable modern day Lauren Bacall, Louise Brooks or Daisy Buchanan, with an obsession for all things antique gold and vintage treasures.

You frequent hedonistic parties where you’ll be found applying burgundy rouge from a vintage golden compact and sketching out the heart shaped lip-line that you borrowed from Kiki de Montparnesse.

Luxury Palette: Vintage Vamp, $52
The shadows are labeled really simply Prime, Enhance, Pop and Smoke. The two top shades on the quad are Prime (shimmery pearl shade) and Enhance (lighter burgundy shade) These two top shades are suggested to be used for a daytime look. The two bottom shades are Pop (yellow gold glittery shade) and Smoke (deep burgundy shade). These are suggested to be applied to turn the look into a very smokey eye for a night out.

Cheek to Chic: Love is The Drug, $40
"When it comes to blush, I’m always seeking to re-create that shimmering, youthful flush of excitement you get when you’re in love - my clients and I call it the "love glow". I’ve spent many years perfecting this ultra-flattering look and now I’ve made it easy for anyone to achieve with CHEEK TO CHIC Swish & Pop Blush."
The blush is paraben-free, has a Light-Flex Technology that captures the light and gives a nice healthy glow on the skin.  According to their website, she has suggested to use the outer shade, which is a pale peachy pink color to Swish over the cheeks and Pop the center shade, which is a bright pink shade, to the apple of the cheeks. 

My Thoughts:
So here's the look that I have been wearing since I purchased the Vintage Vamp quad and Cheek to Chic- Love is the Drug blush. After applying my eye primer, I apply the Prime shadow all over my lids. Then with a pencil brush I applied Enhance on my crease and creating the outer "V" corner. This shade was a bit light on my skin tone so I applied Smoke on top of it and focused that shade more on the outer corner. 
Do tap the excess from your brush after grabbing some shadow from the pan or you will have a fall out, and blend, blend, blend to not have any harsh lines. All three shadows are very pigmented so you only need to dab your brush on the pan lightly. You always want to start with a little shadow and from there build it up to your liking. The glittery yellow gold shade called Pop has a different consistency to it. It has a gel-like consistency that when you press on the pan, it makes a dent but returns to its regular form (hope that made sense!) but your brush or finger will only have a bit of the gold glitter to add as an accent to your look. I didn't use any of the Pop glitter to this look.

The blush is pretty pigmented as well so have a light hand when using this. I used a tapered brush to apply the Swish - light pinky peach shade to my cheeks, from my hairline towards the apple of the cheeks. This does not show up much on me but I can see the Light-Flex technology and how it gives my cheekbones that nice healthy glow so you can definitely skip the highlighter with this blush!

On the apples of my cheeks, very lightly tap the center blush, Pop which is a bright pink blush. I had the mistake of dabbing the whole tapered brush on Pop and had too much on the apples of my cheeks. Thankfully! These are easy to blend and with a big powder brush I just buffed it out and that's what's shown in the picture above. All you need is the tip of your brush to get that hint of pink on the apples of your cheeks. 

Overall, I do love my quad eyeshadow! This burgundy quad is just beautiful and perfect for the Fall season. This is a very finely milled shadow and so there's a bit of a fall out but I have the habit of tapping my brush before I apply it on my lids so I never had a fall-out-mess problem when I use this. It is so easy to blend and to build up. The Pop glitter-shadow is something I need to keep playing with as this is not a fine glitter when applied on the eyes. This glitter is too much for me but I'm sure it will look great on a night time look as the light just hits that gold glitter beautifully! 
I love the idea of her blush of using two different colors on your cheek areas but the shades aren't as different as the other blushes we all have seen from other brands. BUT the Light-Flex technology did make a difference and gave my cheeks that beautiful glow. I love how the light catches my cheek area! You don't see chunky glitter or highlight at all, it's just this beautiful highlight that accentuates my cheek bone!
So if you're going to ask me what I want for Christmas or my Birthday or from Bergdorf or Beautylish.com - I would say makeup from Charlotte Tilbury please! She sure knows what to accentuate in our face and how to do that with makeup. 

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