December 23, 2013

PM Skincare Routine

A quick update: I have added the SkinCare tab on my blog as I will be reviewing more skin care products in the future that I would like to share with you all. You can go ahead and click on that tab also to check on my Clarisonic Mia2 updates! 
Now onto this post, I was asked by the beautiful sweet Liz from My Pretty Obessions. to share with you my evening skin care routine. As I mentioned before, from a recent post, that I have a... more complicated(?), more detailed evening skin care ritual than my morning routine, so you will see in this post most of the products that I do use on my face before I go to bed! 
I don't have the greatest skin but I recently am seeing how my skin is improving as I give it more TLC than I used to in my 20's and teenage years!

I have read in a few websites and magazines (and my dermatologist have probably mentioned it to me before too) that at night is when our skin is trying to regenerate, tries to repair itself and basically gets a break from being exposed from all pollution in the air. And that's why I load up my skin with all the good stuff it needs! 
For face wash, toner and face serum I still am using my Michael Todd products. I have written a review on these products before, here. 
  • Twice a week I try to use the Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Scrub. I would scrub my lips with this too and it doesn't feel drying at all.
  • Once a week I will use the Michael Todd Kaolin Clay, which is a detoxifying clay mask. This I have noticed helped to clear those small red bumps around my cheek/chin area very well. I would use it more than once a week as directed in the box but I get lazy sometimes and skip it.

  • I do still use my Clarisonic Mia2 twice a week and have added to do my neck and decollatage as well.
  • So after I wash my face and applied my toner I would grab for Michael Todd's Antioxidant Carrot Multivitamin Serum (instead of the Meaningful Beauty Creme de Serum I recently am using right now in the morning). 

  • I wait a few minutes and then go sit in front of my small makeup corner where the rest of my skin care products are, and I go apply my eye cream first.
    • Since my ring fingers are still clean from washing my face (with the serum I have only used my pointing and middle finger) I go dab a bit from my Merlot Grape Seed Eye Cream and pat this all over under my eyes. Liz (My Pretty Obessions) wrote a great review on this product and I was sold! I found mine in my Walgreen's. This jar will last me for a long time!
  • Once the serum has completely sunk into my skin I apply Derma E Hydrating Night Creme with Hyalauronic Acid. *hyalauronic acid is a good moisturizer and "supposedly" a wrinkle-filler when used in skin creams. 
    • I like to keep my skin very well hydrated during the night especially around the colder days because the heater dries up the air in the room and we forget to turn the humidifier on, and my skin will be feeling so dull and dry in the morning. Since I have been using this though, my skin has never felt dry when I wake up.
    • I received this as part of my Ipsy Challenge Winner prize so I did not purchase this product but I am liking what this is doing to my skin so I continue to use it.

  • And then I grab for my retinol cream, Tazorac cream, that's prescribed by my dermatologist. She mentioned how this will help improve my acne scars discoloration, clear my skin and prevent me from breaking out in the future. This is also a medicine she added that I will be using for the rest of my life! 
    • This one I use is a prescription only product BUT a lot of skin care products out there right now are coming out with some form of retinol cream or retinoid ingredient in it because this is the main ingredient that will help to improve your skin's elasticity, discolorations, wrinkles and so on. 
    • I have been using this for a year and a few months now, and my breakouts have pretty much gone down to just hormonal or stress break outs which is manageable.

  • For major acne breakouts I started using Tea Tree Oil as my acne spot treatment! I grab a Q-tip and put some of this oil and pat the oil on those zits! This do have a strong menthol scent to it so if you are not a fan of that then this isn't the product for you. 
    • I have tried a lot of drugstore acne spot treatments and none has worked as fast as this oil! Within a few days I can see the pimple drying out!
    • This is another product that is very versatile (just like my aloe vera gel!)- you can use this in a lot of ways! I use to spot clean my makeup brushes with this (spray bottle with water + tea tree oil) or as a face refresher in the morning!

  • Finally, some lip balm! This Air Repair Rescue Balm, was in a gift bag I received recently so I did not purchase this at all nor was asked to feature it in my blog. It just so happens that this balm has a thick consistency and very hydrating on the lips which what I like to use at night! 
    • I noticed my lips feels so soft and nice in the morning so this is staying by my night stand until I finish it! Plus whatever is left on my finger I can rub all over my cuticles and it doesn't feel greasy at all. I do still put some lotion on my hands before bed.

And now I am finally ready for bed!
I actually watch a few YouTube videos from my iPad (with my cat as well. Yes he watches with me while the rest of the fam is passed out) before I officially sign off for the night. 

I have been on this Evening routine for a few months now and I am loving the improvements and what it is doing to my skin. I think as I slowly switch my skin care products to more natural based ingredients my skin is improving for the better! Plus with a better diet and exercise, my body is finding its balance I guess. 

So if you don't mind me asking, what products are on your Evening skincare routine? If you would like to do a post similar to this, please let me know and leave the link in the comments below! I do believe we take care of our skin the most at night so if you guys don't mind sharing what products you use, I would love to know!

*Hope you and your family have a great MERRY, HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS!!! And see you on my next post which will be up on Friday this week! Christmas Eve and Day, I will be doing some Holiday movie marathon as I have not seen any of those Holiday Classic movies! 

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