January 29, 2013

DIY Glittery iPhone case!

Okay this is out of context but I just had to share with you guys my exciting DIY story.
I love DIY crafts, jewelry, nail art and everything else I find on Pinterest! But as another beginner to this side of me I have only known about Mod Podge this past couple of days!

I am always on a look out for a nice shiny iPhone case that won't break my wallet. I have seen tons from different phone case manufacturers but I was not about to spend $30 and up just for a case that is only good for looks and not really protecting the phone from drops or scratches! Where my sister lives, she took me to a store that sells cute cases for $5-10 and those I have accumulated with my old phones. But I swore to myself when I got the iPhone5 I was not gonna go buckwild buying those cheap cute looking cases and instead invest on a protective case. *For the record, I have never really dropped or broken my past cellphones (knock on wood)

And so I had kept my phone with this awesome case that still shows the new awesome aluminum backing of the iPhone5, Poetic Atmosphere Case. It's slim and doesn't add bulk to the skinny new iPhone5. It does it job from protecting it from scratches and drops, which have happened actually. But knowing me I couldn't resist seeing all these nice shiny, colorful, sprakly new phone cases out! I was itching to dress up my phone. I felt like my phone's looking bland and boring. I needed to do something and that's when I see a lot of DIY on Pinterest!

Pinterest is basically a virtual pin board. You can make as many pin boards as you want and share it to the Pinterest communite. You can search through other pin boards too and re-pin it to your own pin boards.
Check mine out here. I have made boards from DIY Projects, to Hair and Nails, Storage ideas and more! It's pretty addicting and it gives me a lot of inspiring ideas...On that note let's go back to Mod Podge!

I also have been watching a lot of Youtube DIY's and most of them seem to be using Mod Podge on everything! I had to do my own research on this Mod Podge and found out how easy this is to use! Not only it's a strong adhesive to get your DIY's last pretty long but I see how this can also be used as your sealant for the project. I recently got a free iPhone case from Victoria's Secret and the case is pretty cute and glittery, but I felt like it looked too young looking for me.*Sorry I don't have a picture of the case before I did my DIY on it.
And so I went to the craft store got me a jar of Mod Podge and glitter. They're pretty big jars of Mod Podge and Gold glitter because if this works well with the iPhone case I am planning to tackle a bigger project and glitter it gold! Hehehehe! And so here's a picture of how the case came out...

Here's a QUICK how-to:

I did this over a cardboard on the floor for easy clean up afterwards from the glitter. You can use newspaper or anything to cover your floor that is easy to roll up then just throw in the trash.
1- clean case with a cotton dipped in alcohol
2- with a sponge brush spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on your case. Cover every area you want to have glitter on.
3- sprinkle glitter over the case, just like putting sprinkle on top of cupcakes(?). Shake off the excess onto your cardboard. Let it sit for 10-15mins and don't be shocked if there are areas that aren't covered with glitter. I sprinkled too lightly in my case so I had "bald spots" on my phone. But if you think you have reached your desired glitter at this point then there's no need to repeat this process after 10-15 minutes!
4- again spread a layer of Mod Podge onto the case, sprinkle more glitter BUT this time I pressed it on with my old subway card. This will help to keep the glitter flat and not sticking up as it dries. *You can use a gift card or old credit card or cardboard. Something not too flimsy to use.
5- shake off excess and let it rest. if at this point the case is still not fully covered with glitter just repeat the process and don't forget to PRESS.
6-  After 10-15mins. To fully seal your finished product, brush on a good layer of Mod Podge on top of the dried glittered case. I did this two-three times every after 30mins because I wasn't sure how good the seal is with the Mod Podge, so for security reasons I overdid it I guess. Let it sit overnight.

The next day the case dried out great! The case doesn't look bulky with the ton of glitter and Mod Podge on it! It looks just as I want it, glittering gold!

It's been more than a week and the glitter case has been holding up! I don't see any fall outs at the bottom of my bag or anywhere on my desk. Mod Podge has impressed me well and will be definitely using this to my next future projects! I love how my case turned out. It is pretty golden glittery and that screams more of me than the generic VS logo-ed case it was before.


  1. Loved this.. And its so simple.. once I get a new phone Im so doing this.. great blog. just followed by email!! :)

    1. i know right?!? i actually cant wait to glitter more n bigger projects! mod podge is amazing! thank u so much for following!