December 5, 2012

Influenster Cosmo Voxbox 2012

Finally, I have been selected by Influenster to review one of their Voxbox! If you don't know what Influenster is, I wrote a blog on it here: Influenster
They have given out a lot of their themed boxes this year and I am not sure how they choose. They email you to fill out a survey to see if you qualify for an upcoming box and in a week or so you either get another email if you are qualified. Besides that as a factor to being chosen, also your social media connections helps to be chosen.
I signed up with Influenster in July of this year but my social media connections were weak. I think it has improved but it's still not as strong as others have. My blogs don't have a lot of subscribers or readers. My Pinterest don't have a lot of followers since I wasn't really active on it. My Facebook which I cleaned out recently have fewer people. I may know hundreds of people but only a third of them really knows me, what I post on FB is like welcoming you to my home. I do have a Youtube account but that's only to post my dogs cute videos and comment at others videos, plus to keep all my Favorite videos in hand! And back in July, I didn't have an account with Twitter. All these social medias are connected with my Influenster account and just today they asked me to connect my Foursquare which I recently abandoned since I really don't have friends who uses it but whatevs. Either way, all these apps or websites are out there and what's the harm for getting Influenster inside my profiles with all these "apps"?!?
Okay I know you're dying what's in the Cosmo Voxbox I received so here's a picture:

I've only had this for a day but I have tried the. .
Forever Red Exclusively at Bath&Body Works and it's a scent I would not buy myself. It has a blend of pomegranate and red osmanthus , and vanilla rum. It smells very very sweet and musky but it is definitely perfect for the winter months. It is a scent I do need to get used to since I have always worn ligth floral perfumes, this is one I'm glad I get to sample.
there's also two pens they have included in my box. . .
FriXion by Pilot Pen in Black and Purlple Ink: I was excited to test these out since the day before I received this box, my husband was asking me if I were going to write love letters to him since I recently just bought a set of journals from the Target Limited Edition Holiday24 Collection . I was surprised he brought up the topic since he's not the mushy type, but I am! I was going to wait until the New Year to make this part of my resolution but what's the harm on starting that early!?! It's so nifty how the rubber end of the pen really do erase the ink! Not messy as rubber erasers either! Great excuse for me to use my new fancy Carolina Herrera notebooks and make my husband smile with little love notes he needs to find around the house, his closet and socks!  =) next were some blades!
Gilette Venus Embrace razor & Venus&Olay Razor refill I already am a fan of Venus. I have tried Schick and Bic and Venus is the only one that gives me that perfect shave. Smooth skin all the time! I am excited to see this in the box since that's $10-12 I don't need to spend to buy me some Venus razors! *a final review on it coming soon!*
Finally for the chocolate tooth on me, and what a perfect timing since 'tis the season I go overboard on sweets, they have included a huge bar of. . .
Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Sea Salt Escape bar: A milk chocolate with sea salt and crushed roasted almonds. I am already drinking a new found recipe I found of Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate this season, and what's another sweet seat salt to add to my diet! I'm not a fan of nuts of any kind on my chocolates tho so this is another one I'll see if I will get use to or just not like it at all. Check back soon for the update!

For the price of. . .FREE, this is a pretty great box to receive! But just because I got it for free doesn't mean I will be giving these products flying colors. They will definitely hear my honest opinion and suggestions! That's another thing I do here online. I have left reviews on Amazon and Sephora and other sites and now have started my own review blog! I read other's reviews when I go online shopping or when I am researching for products or I am on debate what to buy and these reviews surely helps with the decision making.

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