November 13, 2012

luv d cat eye look, hate d work

i am such a noob in the make-up department. For the past 28 years (i'm 30 now), all i wore was a lip balm or a lip gloss and a little bit of eyeshadow and mascara.
Not until two years ago I got introduced to Youtube (YT). I couldn't help but admire my girl friend's makeup one lunch date, that's when she told me she learned to put make-up on from watching Youtube! I never browsed YT before that and all I know of the site is it has some hilarious home videos. I never thought it would teach me how to get a flawless face! Well almost flawless.
This is when I started making notes of my make-up shopping list since I have a lot to catch up on! Foundation, Concealers, Blush, Lipsticks and make-up brushes! OMG! Did you know there are tons of different make-up brushes for different areas of the face?!? It's overwhelming and I felt very behind. I felt pretty down after watching tons of beauty gurus that are probably years younger than me, showing me how to put on foundation, contouring and all that! I also felt sad for them since they have put all this stuff on their face before heading out of their door. After watching thousand more videos and applying this to myself, I slowly understand why these girls have to put on make-up, and help noobs like me how to properly put it on. For me, it helps my confidence because I know the make-up I had put on is not to hide myself from all the pretty colors of the palette but it is to accentuate what is already there! I never thought my big round eyes will ever be my best feature.
And this is where my eyeliner obsession started! At first I didn't like it because it just made my eyes bigger and rounder, but as I learn it is how I put it on that makes a difference! And then I got introduced to the cat-eye look! So this is when the search for the right eyeliner to perfect that wing began...Did you know there are different kinds out there?!? Gel, pencil, liquid, felt pen and basic black eyeshadow!!! I do have one of each in my make-up collection except for a liquid liner but my favorite is the gel liner method. I have more control with the brush in how I want to put it on, either thick or thin. For my everyday wear I make it thin and thicker in the end then a small wing. For night, since I suck at smokey eye make-up, I do a thicker line and a longer wing which looks great with or without glasses actually!
Recently I have added the liquid liner in my collection and still iffy about it. I have theBalm Schwing liquid liner and just the word liquid alone intimidates me! I was not sure how to put it on. Do I use the same method as how I put my gel liner OR do I pretend this is a pen liner since it has a really fine tip that should basically would just glide. Most of the Beauty Gurus on Youtube seems to prefer liquid liners and they make it look so easy using it, but on my first try...well, it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that great as how I would like compared to my gel. Maybe it is just me too since I am so used to the gel and have only given the liquid liner a few tries.
I have been practicing though, and it still not as perfect as I would like, but hey I have a whole liner I can use and just keep practicing until I perfect this liquid liner! I would really like to love this product and hopefully cut the time in my make-up routine too since I see it suppose to be faster to put on than the gel!

this first picture was done with theBalm Schwing eyeliner. As you can see, it's not that clean looking. I still have to perfect the use of liquid liner here.

this second one was done with my new fave liner! Be A Bombshell eyeliner - I got this product from my October Ipsy bag and this felt tip liquid liner is amazing! It has a fine felt tip perfect to draw that wing. I outline first with an eyeshadow and then trace it with this eyeliner and voila! It's cleaner looking than with the Schwing. 

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