October 29, 2012

Influenster VoxBox

So here's another sample box that I found on youtube a few months ago. I signed up as soon as after I watched a Youtube Beauty Guru unbox her Influenster Voxbox and a few more other videos.
Once you signed up for free with them, you fill out different survey questions, share the social media sites you are on: youtube, facebook, twitter, pinterest and so on, and you get different badges such as a beauty badge, urbanite badge and so forth and this may or may not qualify you for the upcoming Voxbox that they will be sending out for free! in return all you need to do is give your personal review on them either through blogging or video review.
I am not really sure how often they send out these Voxboxes since I haven't been able to meet any of their past qualifications to get any of their past voxboxes =( 
And so with so much frustrations and disappointment, I stopped loggging on to my account. I felt like this was for the popular kids online or in social media to qualify for a voxbox and I was just not one of them. And everytime I see a new Voxbox was just sent out and I was not one of them I felt more sad of myself that I am not as popular as these people are!
When I have almost forgotten about my account with them, I received an email recently that they have revamped their website and it seems to have better way navigating through different badges, filling out the surveys, sharing your reviews is easier than before. So here I am promoting them and sharing them to the social media world in the US Continent *yeh i don't think they ship internationally, do check your local websites maybe they have something similar going on! Because I do like this company and what they are trying to promote.This is really a great way to try never-heard-of and new products out there that we usually would not spend our own money on. I think the Voxboxes have themes like a Mom-box and recently I saw a Beauty voxbox was sent out, so it really depends on the badges you earn from filling out their surveys and the social media platform you have.

DISCLAIMER: I am not paid by Influenster to promote their company. Like I said I even have not received any of their VoxBoxes that they have been sending out lately! I am just using my blogging platform to share you this nifty company that will send a box of products that you either have heard of or not for free if you meet the required qualifications.

There's no harm in trying, its free to sign up and you can do this on your own time since this will really take up your time. So besides watching those reality TV marathons or catching up on gossip online and just taking a break from work emails and work projects, go try it out and see how you like it yourself. Don't just rely on people's reviews since we all have different expectations 

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