August 8, 2012

July's Birchbox Review & August Birchbox is Here!!!

After a few weeks of using my samples from the July Birchbox, here's my review on it:

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Olive Green
  • the felt tip is pretty pointy, but I had a hard time getting the "ink" to the tip
  • love the deep olive green color, it really compliments my tanned skin for the summer! Just needed to built up to get to the dark color I wanted, but that might just be the sample I got since the color is not evenly distributed on the felt tip.
  • its smudge-proof which is great for the hot summer days! This one is definitely not for smokey eye effect since it dries quickly as soon as you put it on
theBalm cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen
  • the gel consistency is not greasy to the skin
  • the color looks great on my cheeks and its buildable if you want a more flushed look
  • it didn't look great on my lips since it's a sheer stain, it looks uneven on my two-toned lips. Maybe putting a concealer first will help, but I really don't do that on a regular basis.
  • over-all: love theBalm since I have a very very sensitive skin
Juliette Has a Gun in Miss Charming
  • love the light sweet, fruity smell just perfect for the summer
  • the scent seemed to have lasted day on my skin, even after sweating a little bit under the hot summer sun.
    • dab it behind the ears, collarbone area,wrists, and inner part of the elbows and knees
suki Nourishing Kit 
  • it came with one packet of each: a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, nourishing cream and nourishing masque
  • i gave this to my sister since I am on a strict face regimen from my dermatologist
    • her first impression: its unscented, she said " It don't smell pretty, smells like just what the natural ingredients are in it."
  • she also said the packets can only be used once since as soon as you open it, the product are exposed to the air and need to be used immediately so you can really only give a first impression on products that comes in small packets. 
Overall, it's a good box since I got two extras in it which are the Birchbox Exclusive earbuds and a LaraBar!
I love most of the products that came with it and just with the eyeliner alone that costs $15, pays off the box already.
In other news my August Birchbox is here!!! I was not expecting this month's box to be coming this early so that topped of my day yesterday after a long exhausting day in the city. I will include a picture of the box and will give you the review on it at the end of the month.

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