July 17, 2012

New Hair Routine

Few months ago I went to my dermatologist and ask about my dry scalp. She told me to use Neutrogena T-Gel in my scalp and wash the rest of my hair with shampoo and conditioner afterwards.
This was not working on me, my scalp was still dry and itchy as hell. And so she gave me samples of the T-Gel Extra Strength and told me to use it everytime I shampoo, which is every other day! I did that for about a month and I noticed my ends getting brittle and tons of split ends! Ugh the nightmare! My scalp is better but my hair was overly dry!
I have up to my boob-length, color free all black hair and I was not about to get it cut short because of this! I'd only cut it short right now for charity, that's it!
Anyways so I googled and googled and have decided to dump my T-Gel and find me a better hair remedy than this. At first I thought because I always have it in a ponytail. On other days I thought because I did not brush it as much as I used to. Or sometimes I just thought it's the sun slowly burning my hair!!! Nightmare!
I have been using the Organix Macadamia Oil Shampoo & Conditioner for about a week now and I see how my hair is reacting to it very well. She Is Loving It!!! After taking a shower and my hair is hmmm...60% dry (if that makes sense)- its not all the way dry, I rub two drops of Ojon Oil on my palms n rub that all over my ends for more hydrating power. The next day when I skip shower I just add two more drops of Ojon on my ends, and this keeps it from frizzing.
It is not 100% split ends free... yet! but I see the improvement with dumping the T-Gel. My scalp aint that bad now either, not itchy as it used to. Yay!

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