April 23, 2014

Review: Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano

Sample provided by LiptonPublicity

"A sleek compact home pedicure tool that quickly, hygienically and painlessly removes hard cracked skin and calluses from the soles of the feet with spa-like results."
Spring and Summer is the season for showing off our pretty feet! And walking all day in the city definitely puts a toll on New Yorkers feet. At the end of the day, my feet is so dry that it is begging for some deep cleaning and just hide in socks with lotion for the rest of the night! This Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano tool definitely came just in time to keep my feet in check and so are my hubby's!!!
*Guess who was most excited to get this? Hence the open packaging on my picture as someone forgot pictures needed to be taken first, excited much?!? 

I don't blame him though as we both only have used pumice stone to keep our heels soft and smooth. I am not a fan of any feet gadgets that I have seen in stores or on TV to take off dry skin and callouses, but I am open to try this out as I have read a lot of good reviews about Emjoi products.

I actually have a ticklish feet that even if I get my feet done at the salon I tell them to skip the heel-scrubbing since I cannot take the tickling! The salons that I have gone too (I'm not sure if most salons are the same), only uses manual scrubbing to smoothen the heels, and so I have never really tried any tools either before this. 

Okay, enough about my feet and into the product!

About the product:
  • This retails for $24.95 (http://emjoi.com/AP-3RPCS)
  • Requires 2AA batteries 
  • It has a clear plastic cover with holes to protect the roller when not in use.

  • *It features a unique micro mineral roller that spins an amazing 30 times a second to painlessly pulverize and effortlessly remove dry, rough, hardened, callused skin from the soles of the feet
  • *It is safer and more effective that blade-based metal scrapers
  • *Faster and less laborious than other home-based methods which require constant rubbing
  • *This works with all types of unique Emjoi attachments
    • men's rollers
    • elbow attachments
    • manicure
    • precision kits
  • *It has the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance
  • *The New York Times features micro-pedi in its international home and housewares show coverage.
  • You can also buy this tool at different retail stores (drugstores, high end specialty retailers, QVC and catalogs)
  • I also just wanted to do a size comparison. I used the Urban Decay Naked1 palette as most of us is familiar with this palette and you can see that it is half the size of it!
*These information were taken from a Press Release print out that was included with the sample sent.

My Verdict:
  • I've had this for two weeks now and only used it once, and ONE use of this seems to be good to keep my heels feeling soft and smooth.
  • After two weeks of mostly wearing socks-free-shoes (like flats, peep-toe heels and Converse sneakers), my feet are still pretty smooth!
  • This was really easy to use and fast! It's still ticklish but good thing my dry area is mostly the side of my heel, and I was doing short strokes. 
  • You do need to do your heels over a garbage can or in the tub as the dry skin that comes off will get all over the floor if you don't!
  • The ergonomic shape of this tool was well thought out as it fits comfortably on the hand as I do both feet!
  • The On/Off button is not in the way of my grip (unlike hair dryers!). It's really easy to operate!
  • I asked hubby to use it as well (which he quickly and excitedly opened the package to use it right away!) since he has dryer heels than I do.
    • He likes the ease of use and how soft and smooth his heels feel afterwards. 
    • I checked with him after a week since the last time he used the Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano  and he said he doesn't need to use it yet as his feet is still smooth! *After a week and a half we did his heels again followed by a feet massage. 
    • We both don't have callouses on our feet so I cannot say how this tool worked with those stubborn callouses.
  • It may not be hygienic to some that we shared the same roller but for this review I made us both tested it out as we both have different levels of dry heels. 

Overall, I am glad to have this at home! This is nice to have at home for easy maintenance of our dry heels compared to a pumice stone which we need to use daily to keep our heels nice and smooth. The roller is not as scary as those metal-blade ones and I only need to use it for a few seconds. So if you are a very ticklish person like I am, there will not be any struggle to use this tool at all. 

If you take care of your feet, pampering them just like how you would pamper the rest of your body, then you will not need to use this tool as much and only for maintenance once a month or less, and so the roller can last you for a while! 

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