April 18, 2014

POPSUGAR Exclusive Screening for The Other Woman + Q&A with Patricia Field

A few bloggers here in New York City were invited to a private screening for The Other Woman in behalf of Fox Studios and POPSUGAR.
This is a the ultimate Girls Night Out movie! It is about an unlikely friendship that formed between three women with funny, witty dialogues and very stylish outfits!

Movie will be out in theaters APRIL 25, 2014

After the movie screening, a Q&A session was held with the legendary stylist, costume and fashion designer Patricia Field!

Patricia Field is the woman behind the beautiful outfits of the ladies in The Other Woman. She is more well known for her work in Sex And The City! She has done a lot of other movies and tv shows as well, some of them are: The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty.

As a big Sex And The City fan, this was a huge moment for me to meet the legend behind the beautiful clothes and styling of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. This show had given me the confidence to be who I am, wear what I love, not care what others think and not wear what's on trend. Meeting Patricia Field was definitely the highlight of my night!
Can we just take a moment for that gorgeous fur vest she's rockin'
During the Q&A session, Patricia Field discussed each of the women's characters, personality and style in the movie.

She had described Leslie Mann's character (Kate King) as this Charlotte-type (from Sex And The City) of her era. Kate is the suburban stay-at-home-wife from Connecticut that takes care of her husband and their Great Dane puppy. She mentioned that she's this "stepford wife suburban wacky girl". Her outfits were very colorful and bright. She had minimal jewelry on but her clothes spoke for itself as she wore different bright colored florals and plaid outfits throughout the movie. 

Cameron Diaz's character (Carly Whitten) is this lawyer that works and lives in the city. You would expect her to be in strong power suits. In this sharp, clean lines of all black pantsuits. To my surprise, her outfits, or as Patricia Field calls them as costumes, were my favorite of all three! I would wear most of the clothes she wore, and style them as how she did to Carly. She wore a lot of flowy tops over perfectly fitted pencil skirts with this dainty long chain necklace. Even her outfits outside of work are very simple but still has that glam look to it. She wore these simple lose tank tops with capri pants and again her signature dainty long chain necklace. Simple and comfortable!

Cameron Diaz has a great tan and so Patricia Field had put her in gorgeous white outfits but of course a style that will suit her body. She also has mentioned how she was looking forward to be working with her. 
"I was really happy to work (with Cameron). Cameron's a professional through and through... She's a pro, I love working with pros. She teaches me as well...When you work with a pro you can only learn from a pro."
For Kate Upton's character (Amber) she wore these torn denim short shorts with lose, sheer tops in the movie. Patricia Field mentioned how the bikini picking for her bikini scene was a big decision fest! The director, the actress and so on had to approve it. In the end, she wore this beautiful string white bikini. 
"We presented her maybe about 20?!?...It was a decision fest!"

Another favorite character of mine in the movie is Nicki Minaj's role (Lydia)! She's Carly's Assistant at work and whenever Lydia shows up in the screen, she has a different hairstyle (wig and hair color), and her tight fitting colorful outfits matched her sexy, funny character.
"I thought Nicki Minaj's costumes were hilarious!"
Patricia Field's colleague, Paolo, dressed Nicki Minaj. When she was presented with what he was going to dress Nicki with, she told him, "Perfect!". 

On a more personal note, Patricia Field answered a few questions about herself. 
She was asked to describe her personal style which she replied with:
"It's very hard to describe yourself...every character is one of a kind, including myself...My style is narrative, interesting, it's intelligent, it's simple. It can get ornamented but it's not fuzzy."
She also mentions that her responsibility when working with actresses in a movie is to make them feel comfortable in their costumes. If an actress/ actor is not comfortable on what they're wearing then as a stylist, she did not do her job. 

To Patricia Field, it was not about what fashion trend to start next or what would look great for that character, it was about how comfortable the actress feels in her outfit. She does feel there is a personal relationship when working with actresses as she is there to help them find their character as well in front of the camera.
"Its not about me getting something in a film. It's about me telling the story of the script with my clothes."

Patricia Field shared a lot of great fashion insights that night and I wish it did not end. It is amazing to see how a character in a movie does come alive with how they are dressed and styled as well. She definitely showed us that a character can be a memorable one and some can be iconic with what they wear.

Let me know when you go see The Other Woman! It will be out in theaters, April 25, 2014! I definitely want to hear what you think of the movie and the women's outfits!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fox through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about The Other Woman, all opinions are my own

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