April 16, 2014

IMATS NYC 2014: Haul

The International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATS)
is a big yearly event for makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts and all beauty and makeup lovers!
At the trade show there are different stages were guest speakers share their tips and tricks on different makeup looks. There are models dressed in their beautiful costumes and wearing amazing makeup walking around done by such talented makeup artists! And of course a lot of makeup/ beauty products on sale!

For a first timer like me, being in a huge makeup event like this was overwhelming to say the least.
To not make this post super uber long, I have decided to cut them into a three part blog series:
 (1) IMATS Haul; (2) My Total Experience and (3) Tips I found helpful when going to IMATS. 
All posts should be up by this month so if you only want to read just one of these topics, subscribe to get updated once that post is up!

I wanted my IMATS Haul to be the first post for this series, not to show off but to give you an idea what the difference of shopping at IMATS and shopping at a retail store is. 
Was it worth getting there? Was it really a bargain? 
If this is something you try to weigh in on your Pros and Cons of going to IMATS then please keep reading. If you have any additional questions, comment below! Don't hesitate to tweet or email me as well! We have one year for the next IMATS NY ladies and there's no such thing as planning way early for an event!

First off, this was the wrist band we got for going on Saturday. Sunday attendees got a different colored band but basically this gives you a pass to go in and out of the venue. If you need to get lunch a few blocks away and want to come back later that afternoon, this becomes your ticket for the whole day.

Bdellium Tools
Pink brushes: #949 | #785 | #716

I have been wanting to try Bdellium brushes after reading and hearing great reviews about it! I only wanted some specific brushes though, and being this the first booth I went to visit, I wanted to pace myself and not go crazy. Plus, I can go back later that day if I do want more! 

NYX Cosmetics
NYX eye and eyebrow pencils- Taupe, Purple, Medium Brown | NYX Jumbo Pencil- Yogurt | NYX Wonder Pencil- Light | NYX Lip Primer- Dark Nude | NYX Retractable eyeliner- Deep Blue | NYX Full Figured Mascara | NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray | NYX Haute Jersey Palette | NYX Butter lipsticks- Little Susie, Fizzies & Licorice

All their products were 40% off! Most of the products I bought were ones I have been wanting to try, and as you know I am a big fan of their NYX Butter lipsticks and I just wanted to try other shades so I bought those three. A lot of people were crowding the Butter glosses so I skipped that one. That new Haute Jersey palette was on "Show Sale Price" for $5! It's in great condition and so I was sold! Watch a future giveaway with this palette!

Jesse's Girl & Julie G
JulieG polishes- Gelato in Venice (mint green), Love Potion (pink/white nude) & Tokyo Nights (deep blue) | Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

At IMATS Miss JulieG released her new Cruise Collection line, which had beautiful shades of pastel blue, pink, orange and yellow. I decided not to get those and went for colors I would use more often. They were on sale for 3 for $10. The liquid liners which I have seen rave reviews of were on sale for 2 for $10.

Alcone Company + Cinema Secrets
Beauty Blender | Ben Nye Banana Powder | Cinema Secrets Foundation Kit #6 | Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner

After walking around each booth to find who has the best deal on the Ben Nye Banana Powder, we found Alcone booth had the best deal at $10 for that 1.5oz jar. All Beauty Blenders in every booth were regular price unless you buy the bag of 6 (I think) + a small cleanser for $65. This is my very first time using this Beauty Blender so I decided to just get the two sponges with the bar cleanser.

Lime Crime
Opaque lipsticks- Glamour101 & Poisonberry | Carousel Gloss- Present | Velvetine- Pink Velvet

So glad it was such a nice day in the city since we got some sun standing on the Lime Crime line. The line literally was all the way outside the venue and was two hours long. Though they did not have red velvetines (since the formula was not up to par they decided not to sell it at IMATS) and the opaque lipstick in Babet - I am still happy of my purchases. Only the Opaque lipsticks were on sale from $18 to $14. I am not sure if the eye products were since I only wanted these lip products.

I don't want to make this any longer but these are the rest of my purchases. Sigma Beauty had a longer line for their booth so I only grabbed a gift bag from them. Morphe brushes were selling really inexpensive with such great quality brushes at their booth, but I only wanted a fan brush. And from Stila, the Kitten eyeshadow sold out. All products were discounted but I really just wanted to try out their shadows so I bought the In The Garden palette ($25), which I'm not thrilled to see but there's a broken shadow in the palette!  And from the beautiful Elessajade's booth: Violet Voss - I just bought two cute accessories! I am not a fan of glitter but I saw her funky jewelry and had to get them ($10-15)!

There were so many, many, many more to see! A lot of new (new-to-me) makeup brands to check out and a lot of good deals from mink eye lashes to professional makeup to wigs to hair accessories to glitters. Most booths we went to accepts credit cards and all were tax free. Besides that, we met a lot of great YouTubers that were kind enough to stop and take pictures with us. 

I do think there is a difference going to trade shows such as this and getting SOME products from there and getting it online or at a retail store. I have attended other trade shows here in the city before (The Annual Chocolate Show, Dog and Cat Show, Auto Trade Show) and so I kinda know what to do and expect. Some retailers will have great discounts and some are still regular price. We'll talk more about this on the next post as this one is getting a bit long already!

My favorite part of going to beauty events such as this is meeting other beauty enthusiasts/ professionals that also blogs and vlogs about it! Just want to give my ladies a shoutout, and do check their sites as well, their links are as follows:
It was really great meeting everyone and cannot wait to hang out with you all again soon!

For my next post I will let you know more how my experience went!
Have you gone to IMATS before or to any beauty-related events in your area?!?
 Please share in the comments below! How was it?!?

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