April 9, 2014

Review: Dottie Scarf from FRAAS

Sample provided by LiptonPublicity

If you follow me on Twitter (@_j4ckie_) and/or Instagram(@_j4ckie), where I would post my "OOTDs" (Outfit Of The Day) you will notice how I love to add as many colorful or mix patterns of accessories to my basic black tees and jeans look, including scarves!

Scarves don't have to be black or white or beige to make it go with every outfit you wear! Scarves can definitely be your statement piece when you just want to wear your basic shirt and jeans! A great example is this Dottie Scarf from FRAAS!

I love polka dots! It's my new neutral with my blacks and grays. Yes I said Neutral! I am not sure what the rules are on how to wear polka dots but if you ask me, I would say - as long as the colors you are wearing compliments each other, the pattern is just a plus to make the whole outfit pop and shows your style! I will show you later on what I'm talking about, but first let's talk about this gorgeous scarf that is so perfect for the Spring/Summer season!
*Please excuse the bad lighting of these pictures. It was such a dreary day that time I was taking these pictures and all I had was lamp light. I also just wanted to show how beautiful the color of the scarf which was hard to see as well, hence the different ways I styled it instead of just draping it on the model form.

The Dottie Scarf

About the products:
  • measures 28 x 76
  • made with polyester
  • the scarf I received is in the color turquoise. 
  • This design also comes in four other colors (all come with white polka dots):
    • yellow
    • pink
    • green
    • taupe
  • Retails at $32 (it will be soon available at their store: http://store.fraas.com/1291_home.html)
    • They are also sold on Amazon.com
    • some department stores and specialty stores
    • Your best bet is by calling to order one at (212)575-0191

"Developing extraordinary, eye-catching products has always been a priority for us at FRAAS."
- Aimee Zucchetti (Brand and Sales Mgr for the company

My Verdict
  • I love how this is lightweight and just gives any outfit some pop of color which my closet do lack.
  • I love how long this is and can be worn in so many different styles! *You need to see WendysLookBook YouTube video on 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf!!! 
    • And on cool Summer nights, this can be worn as a wrap!
  • I cannot say much about the pricing. I don't like to judge items by their price because when you really want it, the price doesn't matter in the end. *Please tell me I'm not the only one on that!?!

How I would style this:
  • I was thinking of getting dressed for a date night: a stroll in Central Park or a visit to a museum with this outfit. This is basically an outfit I would wear on a nice, sunny weekend!
  • For this Polyvore outfit I created, I have paired my turquoise Dottie scarf with pinky-peach toned color. I think both colors compliments each other very well.
  • I went for big, bold stripes on this very feminine Spring/Summer dress to contrast the small polka dot print on the scarf. 
  • Having both scarf and dress making a statement by themselves already I just kept the rest of the accessories minimal but still within the color theme.
    • a good alternate for the dark brown sandals would be a pair of neutral colored wedges. 
    • since the dress has white stripes as well, you can just keep everything else actually neutral and let the dress and scarf stand out if the accessories here are too much for you.

Spring Fling

The scarf can definitely dress up or down an outfit. By itself, it is such a statement piece I think. How else would you wear this scarf ?!? 

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