January 10, 2013

Nailtini Awesomeness!

I received this awesome Nailtini goodies from winning a challenge on Ipsy's website.
Check Nailtini out here: Tini Beauty, their Facebook Page & their Instagram

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription bag that has 2 deluxe samples and 3 sample size beauty products, and every month they put a challenge on Ipsy.com incorporating the products that is in the bag. For the month of November 2012 they had Nailtini Millionaire for us to sample. The nail polish came in full size and it was just full of glittering gold! The bottle is screaming "paartaay" with its awesome gold glitters with a few tinsels of blue and green in it. This was really fun to wear over the holidays and any special occasions coming up.
(left) my Millionaire Nail Art winner; (top right) prize pack; my winning look is called "Dot Me Glitter" on Ipsy's site

Let me give you my first impression on these awesome Nailtini products for your Mani/Pedi needs. 
First off the Nailtini Cocktail Napkins: There's 40 citrus scented square acetone free polish remover pads in this cute little container. I love how it is acetone free! I have actually switched to acetone free polish remover since it is less harsh on my cuticles! Like it says on the package it  conditions your cuticle and has aloe essential oil in it! I don't suggest using it to remove glitter polish but 1-3 squares can actually remove regular polish from all my ten nails! That's what I like about this oil based polish removers, it lasts more than two or three finger nails, not harsh at all to my cuticles and it smells oh-so gooood! 
So after I removed my polish I wanted to take a break from all the polish and just let my nails breathe and go au naturale for a week. I noticed that my nails do turn yellow after wearing those dark polishes for a long time. I was wondering before if there's teeth whiteners products or bleach to give your hair highlights and brighten your whites (Clorox Bleach that is!), why can't there be one for nails? There was a time I wore a cheap polish and when I removed it, my nails looked so yellow that I was so embarrassed to go out without polish on! After that though I am sticking to DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde free polishes. 
Anyways when I saw this Nailtini Club Soda Fizz I thought ooh a little bubble bath for my hands! But while my hands were soaking I was reading the bottle and lookie lookie! This will actually help remove that yellow stain on my nails! Though my nails aren't as stained as before, I actually did see an improvement with how my nails looked! I love this product! It's a mini-spa get away for my nails and they do deserve it!

Nailtini Dry Martini

Nailtini Bar Basics
I lasted only a few days going bare naked with my nails and had to put on some new nail polish that I just bought. Plus I get a chance to use the Nailtini Bar Basics: which is a top and base coat. It looks like those double ended lip glosses. So on one side is the very sticky base coat, stickier than my usual base coat, and I see that it helps to keep the polish  longer than usual. And then when you top it off with their top coat on the other end, it has this nice glossy finish to my nails! After 30-45 seconds though spray the Nailtini Dry Martinithe nail polish drying spray. This has nice sweet citrus smell to it too. It sprays very fine so all you need is one spray for each hand and not only the polish dries faster my hands smells great too. This one also has that sweet citrus smell to it. 

Doing my mani/pedi never smelled this sweet!These products definitely helped my mani/pedi looked oh-so prettier and smell so sweet. I would not have heard of Nailtini if not for Ipsy. Again, thank you to Nailtini for picking my nail art and for this awesome prize! 

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