January 17, 2013

*UPDATE* January 2013 Ipsy/ MyGlam bag

This will be more of a first impression review on this month's Ipsy bag so I can give you the discount codes before they do expire. It is actually not in the card that comes with the bag. It is on their Ipsy site and I will link every product name below to the site so you can check out the discount codes yourself. The products have different expiration dates so be sure to check each one!

"A True Star Will Always Shine" is what this month's bag theme. I guess for one to truly shine they will be needing the products in the bag to feel and look like a star! Or more of in the lines of how to keep a great looking skin for the winter since our skin usually looks dull and dry during this season. Whichever it is, I am loving what's in the bag!

This time it came in a tall, dark blue zip up bag with white and blue stars lining in it. They also have recently been tagging their pouch bags with "Ipsy". I guess these bags are especially just made for Ipsy? That's pretty awesome don't you think?!? It's a nice pouch I would definitely use this for my bathroom essentials for my gym bag or overnight since that lotion fits perfectly in there. And those hotel shampoos and conditioners bottles that I have hoarded will fit just perfect in this pouch!

January 2013 Ipsy Glambag

Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil (5ml):  I am very excited to get this! My face has been so dry and I have heard so many good things about Argan Oil and Josie Maran's brand. I was actually looking around for a night moisturizer since my skin has been very dry. I have only used it last night and just this morning and I can tell my super sensitive skin seems to love it! It doesn't feel greasy and has no smell to it. Though I have deep acne scars around my cheeks and my dermatologist have told me there's nothing we can do about it. I am hoping this oil will improve my scars if not 100% but...better than how it is now. I will update later on how this is working for me! $14 for this bottle.
UPDATE: It's been two weeks and my skin feels so soft and smooth! With this crazy New York Winter weather, my skin WAS super dry. My dry patch on my left cheek is gone! Around my nose is still a little dry since I can't help but rub it still but overall this has improved my skins appearance! My severe acne scars are still there, which my derm did say is hopeless right now. But maybe a few more weeks with this oil and it will improve still? *just hoping* I much highly recommend this to all you ladies who have dry and sensitive skin. Surprisingly this didn't made me break out knowing my skin is so picky with what I put on!

Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer: In November's Ipsy glambag click here was my first Nailtini glitter nail polish. And from winning the Nailtini Ipsy Challenge I was able to receive their Mani/Pedi bar products (review on it here) and I am just in awe with this brand! They have two colors featured for this months bag and I received the Frappe nude color polish which I'm excited to try! I can't wait to get my mani done this weekend and put this on! A nice break from all the glitter and dark polish I have been doing all Fall and early Winter. $13 for the full bottle.
UPDATE: I love this nail polish! This will be one of my go-to brands besides Essie and OPI. No chipping after three days and it dries great, no visible streaks at all. And this color especially compliments my tanned skin very well!

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Mini Body Butter: I actually already am using this exact body butter all winter. I love this lotion besides my Palmer's Cocoa Body Lotion. It is truly hyrdrating, my hands have not looked better in the winter besides wearing gloves out. I am in love with this scent since it takes me back to Maui. This New York winter weather really makes you wish you are out by the beach. No dry elbows or cuticles here! For those who are curious and concerned, this is a 100% vegan product, no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals. Paraben and phthalates free product. This is $7 on their site.
UPDATE: Like I have mentioned above I already do have this lotion and love it! This has been great with my skin with this crazy winter season so I do highly recommend this brand. I have not own any of the other scents so I can't say much with the rest of it's line.

Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Spray: I see this a lot on Youtube and highly recommended by the Youtube beauty gurus, but since I am not a frequent hair spray user I am not sure how many times I will be using this. Probably on very special occasions. This claims to be humidity resistant and provides fullness, lift and incredible shine. Maybe I will try it out this weekend before my weekend errands. See how it holds up! Updates later in the blog! This is $6 at Ulta.
UPDATE: Unfortunately I am not a big hair spray girl so I really can't say much about this sample. When I sprayed it for a quick test, this has a very streamed lined spray versus to a cone-shaped spray- basically it has a very precise spray to get that hold you want, I guess.

SOHO "Get a Grip" Concealer Brush: This has nylon bristles and has an ergonomic design for easy grip and blending makeup. I have seen SOHO brand brush in the drugstore but comparing it to the price of the other makeup brushes they have I usually end up grabbing the EcoTools brushes because it's cheaper and the brushes aren't bad. I am excited to try this out though since I am very intrigued with all that ergonomic design stuff! This cost $9.99 at my drugstore.
UPDATE: This has synthetic bristles and it was easy to use with my liquid concealer under the eyes and around the nose. The ergonomic easy grip was a little awkward with me the first time since I really don't hold my brushes that close. It takes time getting used to it.

*All in all, I love this bag! These are pretty pricey products and I am glad I am able to sample them and I will not hesitate to buy them in the future now! 

So that's all what's in this month's Ipsy Glambag! This bag alone is more than what I just paid for ($49.99)! How crazy is that?!? Michelle Phan and Ipsy do really hook up their members well. I say this will be a great year for Ipsy and I already can't wait for next months!
Updated review on the products, I will post right here in a few weeks so don't forget to check back!

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