January 3, 2013

Fave Products in 2012

This will be a list of my favorite products in 2012. These may be products that have been out for years but I didn't get to try them out until just last year. These are products that I couldn't live without in 2012 and possibly going to be repurchasing and hoarding them for years to come...well until a better formula comes out!

*If you click on the name for each product it will take you to their official website and you can get more info there, instead of me trying to explain to you all that stuff.

1- Macadamia Deep Repair Mask: I need to restock on this product since this has given my hair strength, shine and moisture while I was growing my hair to waist long for two years. When I stopped using this for a few months, I saw split ends! My hair was just dry and frizzy. I was using different hair oil products and none of them could repair my very damaged ends. I haven't even colored my hair for two years and I used a flat iron like once or twice a week and the damage was just getting worse!
I have recently got a haircut to get all the damaged ends nipped and start 2013 fresh! My hair surely loves this product so I will definitely going to be stocking up on this!

2- Karma Organics Nail Polish Remover: I bought this at Henri Bendel's Semi Annual Sale and I am in love with this nail polish remover! You don't even need a lot on a cotton ball to remove all polish on your 10 nails which amazes me since I would go through five cotton balls with an acetone nail polish remover with both hands! This does not leave my cuticles dry because it's soy based ingredient and I also have noticed how my nails don't look that yellow from the nail polish. I need to find out where else they are selling this  brand besides Henri Bendel. 

3- Fresh Soy Face Cleanser: I love how gentle this cleanser is and yet it takes off all my eye and face make-up, and you don't even need a lot! I know this is in the pricey side compared to Cetaphil and Cerave that's why I have Cerave too! I usually use the Fresh Cleanser on days I would be wearing heavy make-up a few days in a row and use Cerave on most days I have less to no make-up at all. This is definitely a splurge for my face and I do use it sparingly like on days I want to give myself a nice at-home facial. 
*During Spa Week check their deal for a $50 Facial since that gets credited to be used in their store too! A regular facial is around $125 that also is credited to be used in the store which is a great deal to get a facial go home with Fresh products you're interested to try!

4- Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion: I got a sample of this at a Chocolate Show Event two years ago and have not stopped using it! Not only I smell like chocolate after putting this, but it does keep my skin moisturized all summer and winter! It doesn't leave that greasy feel on my skin either! It really kept my skin soft and smooth just like what the bottle says!

And in the non-beauty department, here's what I have been loving in 2012:

5- Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine: My husband bought me this for 2011 Christmas and I have been using this a lot to make myself lattes, cappuccinos and other espresso based drinks! I am no expert at all on coffee, I just love coffee! He chose this one because it is a great machine for espresso beginners, it's semi-automatic so I do steam my own milk and create that froth for lattes. 
I have been practicing my latte art with this machine *use the Latte wand not the Panarello Wand that comes with it, I have learned a lot about coffee having this machine at home and have tons of respect with coffee baristas since it is not an easy thing to make latte art and  pull that perfect shot of espresso! I may have turned into a coffee geek because of this machine but who wouldn't be when you have an awesome machine to play with!

6- iPhone5: Love the LTE that comes with. The faster processor is a huge difference from the older iPhones since it is faster to go from one app to another. Great camera front and back, I actually have been using it here on my blogs (except for the "Day to Night Look" pic). This definitely has taken over my point and shoot camera since it's so easy to shoot and load it here! Apple definitely have stepped up their game and I can't wait what else they will be improving for the future iPhones, but for now I am very satisfied with my iPhone5!

7- Xbox360 Kinect: This has helped me moved my butt out of the couch and make me sweat and just move! We bought this in 2011 but not until last year that I was using this more often than before. And I will definitely going to be using this a lot in 2013. I don't have a lot of room at home for two players, it's really just enough space for one to move around for Zumba or Kinect Sports. It really has great tracking of your movements, also it is based on the game you are playing. Most games now have improved their tracking than when it first came out, but I don't suggest using this to do Yoga or any heavy exercises since you might injure yourself still. A personal trainer for yoga or pilates beginners such as myself is highly recommended than Xbox Kinect. 

So these are a few of my all time favorites for 2012. I may not have a specific goal for 2013 but I definitely would love to have more favorites this year. Products that will help my body and lifestyle improve for the better. What's on your list? 

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